The “I AM” Series – Part Six

November 12th, 2017 | By Tim Netting

*** Many apologies, but due to a technical issue, last week’s recording cannot be published. If anybody would like the preachers notes, we have them available***

After a short break away (for which he explains) Malcolm is back and brings us the penultimate episode of this series called “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life” He then reads from John 13:33 – 14:8 and in the passage we hear that Jesus tells His disciples that He would only be with them a little longer. All of a sudden they must have been in a turmoil, as for three years, all of their needs and fears had been taken care of!

As a way of showing us how important it is to follow Jesus, Malcolm takes a light hearted look at the way estate agents “expand” the truth and how easily we can become to expect more than what is actually there for us. Jesus (obviously) is the total opposite. He doesn’t need to expand on anything and He offers the Way and the Life. What follows is some very interesting facts for us to consider and some of these are very thought provoking.


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