The “I AM” Series – Part Four

October 29th, 2017 | By Tim Netting

After last week’s International Day, Tope continues our series which today is entitled “I AM The Good Shepherd”. He reads from John 10, starting at verse 1.

In this reading we hear that Jesus says “I am the good shepherd” and Tope tells us that when Jesus made these statements, there was no room for debate. They were either/or statements for the people hearing the words. They had to accept that He was or wasn’t fully God. Jesus even went further by saying that He was willing to die (on the cross) for His sheep (His people)…..That is such a powerful message and we have to think really hard about what He did for us. It wasn’t a trivial matter!

Tope finishes by asking us “How do we respond to the statement Jesus made”………We are to follow.


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