Life in the Spirit – Part Three

March 12th, 2017 | By Tim Netting

The subtitle for today’s message is “How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?”…..but before Malcolm starts, he shares a short testimony and an update about his and his wife Sandra’s work within church.

He reads from Acts 1:1-11 and we hear how the early church was persecuted because they preached that Jesus was coming again. Malcolm shares an interesting fact that there are more instances in scripture of His return than there are of Him coming the first time! Malcolm asks “What is your experience of the Holy Spirit like now, is it the same as when you first received it?”
He uses an analogy of a torch battery and how it’s power drains. If we live our lives getting topped up by the Holy Spirit daily, our energy will never run out!

Also, we mustn’t be scared of receiving the Holy Spirit because if we are given a gift or a ministry, it will only ever be what we can cope with. He may push the boundary a little, but we will always be capable. In closing, Malcolm gives us some tips on how to receive the Holy Spirit and we then hear a word from Andy and Femi, two members of our congregation.


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