Life in the Spirit – Part Six – 3 of 4

June 25th, 2017 | By Tim Netting

On our penultimate part of this series, Malcolm continues with looking at the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit – Prophecy and Discernment”. He reads from Corinthians before opening up the Word.
Whilst reflecting on what has been said since this series began he says that “If the Holy Spirit moves within us, don’t try and work out what is going on and what gift you may have received…just enjoy it!” One important point he makes early on, is the difference between a prophet and prophecy. We must be aware of this.

There will always be an element of humanity in a prophet within church, so we have to weigh up what is being said and speak to leadership if necessary to ensure that we aren’t being mislead. This takes us nicely into the spiritual gift of discernment.. We are reminded that the devil is always out there trying to thwart God’s work. We must be on our guard as discernment can be very useful in helping people in church with their problems.


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