Life in the Spirit – Part Four – 1 of 3

April 2nd, 2017 | By Tim Netting

After the Youth Service last week, we get back into our series “Life in the Spirit”. Tolu opens up the “Fruit of the Spirit” today. Some of you may not have heard him speak before and I am going to suggest, if you have time, lay back and relax with headphones on if possible and listen to his “chocolaty smooth voice” as we hear the first of three parts.

He starts by recapping what we have heard so far then reads a couple of verses from Galatians. We learn why it is called the “Fruit of the Spirit” and he then looks more deeply into the first three fruits, “Love, Joy and Peace”.
While talking about love, he raises a point aimed at single persons. Love can come in various forms and Tolu shares how that love can be tested. He also says that parents and children can have similar problems. These two points are well worth taking note of!


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