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What Type of Church Are We Called To Be – Part 6 of 9

13th May 2018 | David Bareham

Today is Prayer Sunday and the title of today’s message is “A Prayerful Church” – David starts by giving us an introduction to why we have the 10 Days of Prayer. He then reads from Ephesians 6:18-20.

Before Jesus, the only people that were allowed to meet with God, were the most high priests. But because Jesus died on the cross for us and we have accepted Him as our Lord and Saviour, we have been made right with God and we are now able to converse with Him directly.

David tells us that Jesus created the prayer model and taught His disciples how to pray. We shouldn’t feel inadequate about our prayer. We have the Lord’s prayer and the Psalms to start us off and slowly we will learn what to pray about.. Before we gather in groups for prayer, David gives us three main headings to his message and then there are 11 little snippets of scripture to reinforce the importance of prayer and he finishes with two questions asking “What is our prayer life like?”


What Type of Church Are We Called To Be – Part 5 of 9

6th May 2018 | Tolu Falasi

Tolu brings us the next part of our series which is entitled “A Generous Church”. He reads from 2 Corinthians 9:6-15.

We have to be careful not to judge in our and other’s giving because one person’s generosity can be seen by others as giving sparingly. But it is how the heart gives that is important. We are reminded of the story of when Jesus was in the home if Simon the leper. A woman walked in and poured a jar of very expensive perfume over Jesus’ head. She had no concern as to the value of the perfume, she did it because she was convicted to do so and because she saw Jesus as worthy.

We must not give expecting to receive and must NOT borrow to enable us to give. That could easily lead to financial problems. When we tithe, we must not serve two masters. It must be God only, not money! Tolu gives an example of how things on social media can be twisted and we have to look out for our children and new Christians so they are not influenced.


What Type of Church Are We Called To Be – Part 4 of 9

29th April 2018 | Tim and Rachel Morfin

Today’s message is called “A Transformational Church” and is brought to us by our guest speakers Tim and Rachel Morfin from TLG – Transforming Lives for Good. First though, we hear from Elle who tells us about the 180 Project, the Family Support Group and Thurrock Lunch Club.

Tim starts by sharing how TLG started and how, in the early days, they helped a troubled young boy at school. We hear some startling statistics about the struggles that children are facing today. He then shares a light hearted story of his and his wife Rachel’s experience when she gave birth to twins and how they realised the importance of family life.

We are shown on video, some real life examples of how people have benefited from the lunch clubs and then Rachel interviews one of the TLG coaches to give us an insight of the work they do. Tim closes by showing us ways in which we can help. For more info or to sign up to the TLG newsletter look HERE


What Type of Church Are We Called to Be – Pt 3 of 9

22nd April 2018 | Tope Olukemi

After having a few moments of fun where Tope asks us to greet someone that we have never spoken to before, he reads just one verse – Romans 15:7 to start his message entitled “A Welcoming Church”

Following in the “Everyone a Witness” theme, we are called to be a church where everyone here is welcomed and feels loved. But we are reminded that we must extend that beyond the church walls. To our neighbour, to our work colleague etc.

On a Sunday morning, we must not be “just going through the process to get a box ticked” – Our actions must not be superficial. We are to be more like Jesus and meet and associate with people on the fringes of society as well. We have to accept people for the way they are. God called every single one of us to be a part of the Welcoming Church.


What Type of Church Are We Called to Be? – Pt 2 of 9

8th April 2018 | Tolu Falase

As an introduction to today’s message entitled “The Integrated Church”, Tolu points out that although there are many cultures within our congregation (which we are happy to celebrate!) – This is not mentioned in scripture. He says we are all members of the body, a chosen generation.

After reading from 1 Corinthians 12-12 we hear a quick summary of how we came from the events that happened in Genesis to where we are now. We must be careful not become an homogenised church. But as Tolu says, sometimes in smaller communities, that would be unavoidable. But for us, that is not the type of church we are called to be. Tolu gives two more examples of other types of congregation that may not be ideal. These illustrations do not reflect the heart of God.

We hear some great teaching on how we can be an “Integrated Church” and Tolu shares some real world experiences to drive this home.


What Type of Church Are We Called To Be? – Pt 1 of 9

1st April 2018 | David Bareham

David starts a new eight part series today and as it is Easter Sunday, there is no better title than what we for Part One – that we are “A Resurrection Church”

He reads from Corinthians 15 :1-11 and reminds us that it is an historical fact that Jesus lived and died. That cannot be denied and that is the main thrust of David’s message today. He gives us four main points to consider – (1) God is faithful – (2) God is powerful – (3) We need a saviour – (4) Who can I tell?

In Deb’s message last week we heard of the prophecies that had to be fulfilled so that Jesus may die. In David’s message we hear the same. Prophecies had to be fulfilled so that He may live. We can have joy in our hearts because….”Jesus is Alive!”

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