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Advent 2016 – Part Two

11th December 2016 | David Bareham

David gives a passionate, heart felt message this morning as we continue our Advent series. The theme for today is “The Kingship of Jesus” and he reads from Isaiah 9.

For us as Christians the birth of Jesus has to be central to all that we are and we must recognise the fact that this event in our history was life changing. Before delving deeper into his message, David shares a news article he saw in the week which shows how much importance is placed upon “Santa Claus / Father Christmas” at this time of year. It is a sad fact that “Santa” has taken priority over the real meaning of Christmas…and that is Jesus!

We then go on a whistle stop tour of the Bible from Genesis in the Old Testament, to Luke in the New Testament and finishing up in Revelation. We hear of the prophecies foretelling the arrival of Jesus the King, the fulfilling of those prophecies and what is still yet to come.

He finishes by asking “What does all this mean for us?”….. and tells us some of the harsh realities of what is happening in the world today!




Advent 2016 – Part One

4th December 2016 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm starts this short four week series in advent today and we learn about “Jesus – Human and Divine”

Before he begins though, he encourages us to look at and read some passages in scripture between now and Christmas. He feels that God will reveal things to us that we may not have noticed when we first read them.

He then goes on to show us the various possibilities that could of made Jesus the person that He was. But as we hear, there is one and only one way that He became Human and Divine. It is something that we have known all along but Malcolm digs deeper into it’s origins.


1 Timothy – Part Eight

20th November 2016 | Malcolm Sullivan

As Malcolm rounds up our teaching series from 1 Timothy, we look today at “Timothy’s Walk With God”. He first gives us a brief summary of what we have learnt in this series and then brings us five short topics:-

– Upbringing
– Discipleship
– Prophecy
– Recognition
– In a battle

Today’s message ties in with what Tope spoke about last week, in that, we learn by watching and following good leaders. That is exactly what Timothy was doing…learning from Paul. One take home for me personally today is that Malcolm says that “When God makes a promise, He keeps it!” If we have God’s Word and Spirit within us, we are covered and protected.

In his closing words Malcolm has some prophetic words for a couple of members of our congregation. I felt it appropriate to leave them in as they are a reminder to us all that God has great works for us. All we need to do is open our ears and hearts and listen.


1 Timothy – Part Seven

13th November 2016 | Tope Olukemi

In this, the penultimate teaching from 1 Timothy, Tope shows us how we can be “Examples to the World”

As those of you with children listening to this will know, they (Infants and Children) learn by example and Tope says that for us to be an example to believers and non-believers alike, we have to live good, healthy Christian lives. We have to “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk”

Many people will only know about the Christian faith through what non-Christians and the media may tell them. So it is our job to show them how we live the Jesus life. In the reading today there are five main points that Paul emphasises to Timothy and Tope delves  deeper into these and gives us plenty of practical examples of how we should act.

We have to work hard to stay on the right track and if we start to veer off – look back to God and he will steer us back in the right direction.


1 Timothy – Part Six

6th November 2016 | Deb Hendrey

We welcome back Deb today who brings us the next part of 1 Timothy looking at what Paul says about “Social Support” for widows.

She starts by explaining in some detail of how important widows were to God and how He protected them. When Paul was writing to Timothy, the widows of that time were often struggling to survive, so Paul was laying down some guidelines of how they could be helped. It wasn’t just the church’s responsibility, it also fell upon the family as well.

Deb then brings us into the 21st century and says that although widows now don’t have to suffer the poverty as they did in Paul’s time, there is still a need for them to be protected. She shares her own story and gives us some very practical advise as to how we can all help.


1 Timothy – Part Five

30th October 2016 | Julian Fabian

We welcome today our own “in house” guest speaker, Julian. You will normally see him sitting behind the piano, leading worship but on this occasion he brings us a thought inspiring message as he continues our series looking at 1 Timothy. The theme today is “A New Testament Church”

Initially the reading seems to lay down some strong ‘rules’ which in today’s world, may seem to offend. But as Julian progresses through his teaching it becomes clear that Paul was saying these things because people had taken their focus off of Jesus and were effectively saying “Look at me!” This is not what Jesus wants. He wants us to remember who we are and to become more like Him.

Julian gives us a very practical explanation of what Paul was saying which should encourage us to do what Jesus asks. He (Julian) finishes with a reference to a story he shares earlier and it places a great mental image in our heads of “What we are meant to be!”

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