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God Will Fill His Temple – Pentecost

4th June 2017 | David Bareham

David starts today by reading from Acts 2. He then breaks down a timeline of what happened at the time of Pentecost and how this reveals God’s plan. We are also shown where we fit into the whole Bible story and then are given a lightning tour of it from Genesis to Revelation. Along the way we hear some interesting historical facts of key events. This shows what a struggle it was to get God’s physical and spiritual temple established.

David finishes by reinforcing how important it is to have the Holy Spirit within us.


Guest Speaker – Paul Thompson

21st May 2017 | Paul Thompson

Our speaker today is Paul Thompson from Kings Church, Upminster. He reads from Ephesians 4 and teaches us about the “Kingdom Culture”. In his preamble we are told that we must be 1) Equipped, 2) Unified and 3) Mature for works of service. These three points will make us ready for what the world “out there” may throw at us. He asks the question “What is the difference between the Kingdom and Church?” and offers up an insight for us to think about and to ponder on.

He talks about the culture within church and how it can be so diverse. Paul also mentions that in the real world, such diversity could cause problems, but because of the unity we have in Christ, we have stability.

To summarise, he brings us four key points that we are encouraged to make note of.


Life in the Spirit – Part Six – 1 of 4

14th May 2017 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm moves onto the next part of our series Life in the Spirit, with a look at the “Gifts of the Spirit”. He reads from 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 and in this passage we see that among other things, there is unity in One Spirit, One Lord and One God. Malcolm reminds us that we must not be divided within our church.

The main focus of his message today are the gifts of Wisdom and Knowledge. We hear a few examples of each one, which help to give us a better understanding of how privileged we are to have been granted these “God given gifts”


Life in the Spirit – Part Five

7th May 2017 | David Bareham

We are now about two thirds of the way through the “Life in the Spirit” series and in his message today, David reads from Romans 8:1-17 and also rounds off as to where we are so far with the series. These verses are a great source of inspiration that we can learn from as they talk about “Justification” and “Sanctification”. David delves deeper into these two words to help us understand their meaning.

He then goes on to teach us about “The Four Signs of a Spirit Led Life”. For me there were two examples that stuck out. David explains it differently, but the words (which I’m all sure we have all heard) “Sunday Christians” springs to mind and he also shares a lovely story of a prisoner form a South African jail.


Life in the Spirit – Part Four – 3 of 3

30th April 2017 | Julian Fabian

We have another change from our usual array of speakers today. He name is Julian and he is one of the worship band members. For some of you, this may be the first time you have heard him speak and he uses his own (sometime tongue in cheek) style to bring us the last part at hearing about the “Fruit of the Spirit”. He teaches us about “Faithfulness, Gentleness (or Meekness) and Self Control”

As with all of the other fruits, these three are interlinked and as Julian points out, you can’t have gentleness without self control. the two go hand in hand.

To round of his message and to summarise how important the Fruits of the Spirit are, he shares a story that involves him and his son planting fruit trees in his local park and how significant that act was. It is a good example of how we can best make use of these gifts given to us.


Life in the Spirit – Part Four – 2 of 3

23rd April 2017 | Deborah Hendrey

We have a change today as Deb brings us the message. We are back into the “Life in the Spirit” series after having our Easter sermons. She continues where Tolu left off looking at “The Fruits of the Spirit” (There is a slight interference on the audio for the first few minutes of this recording for which we apologise)

Today, Deb teaches us about Patience, Kindness and Goodness. She starts by reading from Galatians 5:16-25 and then emphasises how patient God was/is with us. He is waiting for ALL of humanity to be saved! As Deb talks about the three fruits she probably touches on some “home truths” that at some point in our lives, we have all felt. Particularly…..How to deal with difficult people!

If we try harder to “Live in the Spirit” we will be given all of these fruits. Deb asks “Are you in the flow of the Spirit?” and uses what I think is a brilliant analogy to help us understand. I have been in the situation she describes (in the water) many, many times, so can totally relate to that.

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