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gospel of romans: In Your Grasp

5th May 2013 | Deb Savill

Deb picks up where Alastair left off last week and looks at the question of ‘Why was Jesus offensive to the Jews and why people are still offended today?
He said and did lots of things that went against what the Jews thought was right and Deb discusses Jesus’ credibility and how He was viewed during his time on earth.
She makes the point that Jesus is King and as was said last week, He is the ultimate, sovereign Lord and is the most important thing in our lives. We hear how He is a patient God and will wait for us to come to him and give up those things in our lives that we don’t want to let go of.
Deb also shares a story that helps to emphasise the fact that we are here, on earth, to care for and to help others and to show compassion.


Gospel of Romans: A Divine Proposal

28th April 2013 | Alastair Windus

Alastair starts today by reminding us of an agreement made between the British prime minister and Adolf Hitler in 1938 that he (Hitler) wouldn’t invade any more of Europe. Sadly not long after, Germany attacked Czechoslovakia and was in breach of the promise made under what was known as the ‘Munich Agreement’
This story sets the scene for today’s message in which we look at Romans 9 where God has been charged with breaking His promise to His people, the Jews. Because many of them had rejected Jesus, it was seen that God’s promise had failed. Alastair asks a series of questions and in his answers we discover that God certainly didn’t break His promise. God is in absolute, sovereign control.


Gospel of Romans: We Are More Than Conquerors

21st April 2013 | Steve Morris

As is usual with Steve, be prepared to be challenged as he brings us a powerful message today! We are given four topics to consider:- Battling self, church, circumstance and the devil. We hear from an old news reel of a Japanese soldier that only surrendered after hiding and defending a Philippine island for 29yrs after World War 2 had finished!
Steve uses this story as an analogy of how we live our lives Monday – Saturday…at war. We are given some startling statistics of the battles that we face in the world and the various addictions that come between us and our walk with God. What can we do to change this situation? – We can, Forgive, Focus on Eternity and Focus on Jesus because he has saved us and we can claim the victory!


Gospel of Romans: Power in the Holy Spirit

14th April 2013 | David Bareham

David has a slightly different approach to his message today. He reads the first thirty verses of Romans 8 and breaks it into three manageable chunks for us to listen to and he gives us the opportunity to discuss each section. We are asked to list the main points of each reading and then he gives us his view and expands on each one. The three main headings are ‘Powerful truths to live by’, ‘Sanctification’ and finally, ‘Security’.
Under these headings, there are some powerful statements and David passionately opens up what all of this means to us and he explains that because Jesus died for us on the cross, we have an obligation to take hold of these statements and change our lives in a way that is pleasing to God.


Gospel of Romans: grace shows the law is good

7th April 2013 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm briefly touches on two points from David’s message last time about us moving from the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light and expands on that in his teaching today. He uses the marriage between a man and a woman as an example to help us to understand the reading from Roman’s 7. He also shows us that Eve was the first instance of us as humans bringing sin into the world. The moment she ate the forbidden fruit, she was ‘dead’ to the life that God had promised us.
We are encouraged not to lust after our old life. We have packed up, moved house and we have no need to go back!


Gospel of Romans: Grace is not a Licence

24th March 2013 | David Bareham

David reads the whole of chapter 6 this morning and breaks it down into bite size chunks to help us understand what Paul is saying. We hear that by God’s grace we are saved, our sins are forgiven, we are justified and we are sanctified. David tells us that because of the forgiveness that God’s grace gives us, that doesn’t mean we can carry on sinning….’No’….we have to change our ways to become more like Him! When God forgives us of our sins, we leave our old life behind. We have packed up and ‘moved house’ and have started a new life in a new place!

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