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healing of the royal official’s son

4th August 2013 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm starts today by giving us a summary of the new mini series that has just begun. He then goes on to tell us of the ‘second sign’ – The Healing of the Royal Official’s Son’.
The official had walked over twenty miles to meet Jesus because he had heard of the great things He was doing. He BEGGED Jesus to heal his son. That showed great humility in him and Malcolm explains what that means to us. He (the official) had received faith that day!! Malcolm asks, where are you this morning? What do you want Jesus to do for you? Are you prepared to bow to him in humility – are you prepared to beg??


jesus manifests himself

21st July 2013 | Leon Ringlemann

Leon starts off a new mini series for the summer holidays looking at the miracles of Jesus or ‘The Seven Miraculous Signs’. He brings us the story of Jesus turning the water into wine at the wedding at Cana and as is usual for Leon, we receive an in depth explanation of how important, Jesus’ first miracle, was!!


Romans : Begins and ends in Jesus

14th July 2013 | David Bareham

David finishes our series on Romans and sums up what we have learnt over the last few months. He emphasises the fact that in our church we are friends that help and support each other. David brings us four main points today:-

1) God is able
2)  It is all about Jesus
3) Evangelisation of the nations
4) Praise and glory to God

As is usual with David he breaks the four points down into bite size chunks and gives us a passionate explanation of each one. He finishes off with a session of open prayer which concludes our look at Romans.



Romans – Together on a Mission

7th July 2013 | Joachim Adenusi

Joachim’s message today is a lesson on being together as one within the church. We have to be united as one because if there is ANY division, the enemy will find that crack and work his way in! We as people can upset one another in an instant, but to maintain peace….that can take a lifetime! We have to learn to forgive because we will get offended and there is no point in moving from church to church looking for the ‘perfect’ one, as they are all populated by humans and there will always be trouble!
If you’re truly in CCCH, we need your heart – only then, can we move forward – ‘Together on a Mission’


Us as leaders

30th June 2013 | Anton Cuyler

We had an amazing day in church today with our guests Anton and Elana and their team. We heard how the work they are doing within the SOZO Foundation has gone from strength to strength and how with God’s guiding spirit, it is continuing to grow. Anton gives us a summary of his journey with God and what he is doing in South Africa. Arlene then explains her role within SOZO and finally Elana tells us about the children that the foundation cares for and the hardships they have to endure and how the meeting on a Friday night is the highlight of their week. Elana also talks about how we as a church have helped them fund some of their work and have also helped by sending our youth to SA to help on various projects.
Anton finishes with a passion filled message about ‘Leadership’ – He gives us six points to consider, but the main theme is that leaders have followers. Jesus had crowds following Him!!!
To find out more about what Anton, Elana and their team do, look here http://thesozofoundation.org.za/


romans : strong in grace

23rd June 2013 | Leon Ringlemann

To help set the scene for today’s message, Leon asks us to discuss with our neighbour, our favourite food and our favourite restaurant. He then opens by talking about how important it was not to eat unclean food under the old covenant. There was great conflict at the time as the Jews were to devote their whole lives to following God and not to get distracted by worrying about what food they should or shouldn’t eat. We then hear how under the new covenant we live under a totally new set of ‘rules’ where we don’t live under the law, but we live by faith.

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