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When You Should Say Yes

8th December 2013 | Leon Ringlemann

Reading from Luke 1:5, Leon tells us that advent is not just being with family and friends and exchanging gifts. We hear the meaning and the true story of advent and we are told that we must ‘bathe ourselves in the waterbath of the word’
Continuing on from Tope’s sermon last week, Leon reinforces the message that ‘Jesus is for everyone that would say Yes’……
As an analogy, he pays tribute to Nelson Mandela and shows how he (Mandela) saved a nation, but Jesus, saved the world!
Mary is commended on her bravery and her faith at the age of 16 because she decided to say ‘Yes’ to the great commission God gave to her. Leon asks the question…’If we hear a message from God, will we say the same??’


When should we say ‘Yes’?

1st December 2013 | Tope Olukemi

Reading from Matthew 1:18, Tope brings us the story of Mary and Joseph today. He delves deep into it and looks at Mary’s response after being visited by the angel of the Lord. We hear how this story fulfils the prophecy of the Messiah and how much Mary is challenged by this. She is worried about her reputation, about losing Joseph and how she would cope with being Jesus’ mother.
Tope asks us…What challenges do we face and then gives us examples to think about.
When God called upon Mary and Joseph, they said ‘Yes’……Will we do the same, when we are called?
In his closing words, Tope shows us that although we may think we are not worthy of being God’s children, we must put these thoughts aside and open up to Him!


singleness in church today

17th November 2013 | Joachim Adenusi

In this, our next ‘Focus Sunday’, Joachim talks about what it is to be single in church today. He first reads from scripture to back up his teaching for this morning. In Genesis, God says ‘It is not good for man (mankind) to be alone’ so, as we all know, He created Eve so that Adam was not by himself. In the kingdom of God, we are not alone. Joachim gives us some startling statistics from the UK and the USA to demonstrate how the amount of single people has risen in recent years. He says that when we are alone, we are vulnerable and open to attack. We must not forget that there are different types of single people, which include divorced, single parent, widowed and separated and as a church, we have to look out for those people that are alone. We must be aware of their needs and also their loneliness. For those of us that are single (for whatever reason) we must maintain intimacy with God at all times.


disciple making mission

10th November 2013 | Malcolm Sullivan

Today Malcolm’s message looks at us being disciples and making disciples. He starts by reminding us of his message back in January 2012 when he used the analogy of riding on a tram and going in the right direction. He asks, when you joined our church, did you know where you were going…..did you know it’s destination?? We hear how, when being a disciple, we should pair with a good role model and we must lead by example. Also, we shouldn’t worry about trying to lead lots of disciples, because if we mentor just four, and those four mentor four and so on….the number of disciples will grow very quickly. God is asking us……’Do you want to be a passionate disciple and be up close??’


what is church

27th October 2013 | Steve Morris

After watching a short video, Steve reads from Acts 17:16 and tells us the story of Paul in Athens as he tries to plant a church, meet people and talk about Jesus. As is usual, Steve delivers a passionate, heart felt message and asks, ‘What makes church, church?’……
He also asks, ‘ What do we worship?’…..Do we worship something that takes up a lot of our time, but isn’t Jesus?. He (Jesus) should be the centre of our lives and our church community!
Steve sums up by looking at three points that affect our lives. 1) Consumerism 2) Entitlement 3) Individualism. We are reminded of the fact that we take communion to reinforce in our minds what God did for us with His son and that God will return one day and judge us!!


focus sunday – finances

20th October 2013 | Alastair Windus

Today is the second  ‘Focus Sunday’ where we concentrate on issues that affect us in the real world, in the here and now. Alastair takes on the subject of our ‘Finances’……A subject where we as a congregation will have widely differing views! He starts by asking ‘Do we spend, save or give? And opens up scripture and looks at how the gospel directs our finances.
We are reminded of the fact that God is our provider and we are His stewards and we have to adhere to His plan, because everything we have belongs to Him and if we are instructed to give it all away……that is what we must do.
We have to remember…we cannot serve two masters….God and Money…..Our only master should be our Lord and only our Lord!

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