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16th February 2014 | Joachim Adenusi

Joachim starts his message today by talking about friendship within marriage and then takes a light hearted survey of people’s ideals of the different aspects of marriage. He reads from Ephesians 5 and we hear how your wife or husband should be your best friend and how we should be there for one another through the good times and the bad.
Despite any differences we have between us, God says we must love each other passionately.
We should never allow parents, children, family, ambition and careers to separate that friendship, that companionship.


Meaning of marriage – Part three – the essence of marriage

9th February 2014 | Malcolm and Sandra Sullivan

Today Malcolm and Sandra share their testimony of how God has led them in their marriage. We hear about their early relationship and how God was speaking to Malcolm and how he committed himself to the Lord.
Sandra shares how she was challenged in a church service and after a short while, she had a meeting with her pastor who explained what following the Lord really means.
They tell us that marriage is a covenant between a husband, the wife and God and as we have heard in previous sermons, it isn’t easy sometimes. We have to work at it, with God at the centre if we are to succeed. The bible says that the essence of marriage IS the covenant!



2nd February 2014 | Steve Morris

After a short introduction about himself and his wife Diana, Steve reads the well known passage from Ephesians 5:22-33
We are told that, as humans, we are inherently selfish and that we feel that we can run our own lives. Steve uses an analogy of how his first car used to constantly try and follow it’s own path and how he used to struggle to keep it on a straight line. If we don’t follow Jesus, we will lose track of the direction He wants us to take.
Being married isn’t going to solve all our problems. Our new partner isn’t going to be our saviour….we must look toward Jesus and focus on Him. We hear from Steve’s wife Diana and she gives us her views and perspective and also offers advice for married couples based on her experience and her walk with God.
Steve asks, ‘Where is the emphasise in our lives?’……We have to get the balance right and not be frightened to show our love for our partner. We must become accountable to each other and if we are facing problems…be accountable to a friend and work through them….together!


Meaning Of Marriage – Part one – The Secret of Marriage

26th January 2014 | David Bareham

David kicks off a new series today looking at ‘Marriage’…..For this week and the next three, we will discuss four keys aspects of what it means to be married and how marriage is viewed by the church. There is no doubt that currently a lot of marriages are under attack and David gives us some startling statistics to back up that statement! David quotes from Genesis 1 where God says that after creating the heavens and the earth He looked down on Adam and said ‘It is not good for man to be alone’….From that moment on, man was meant to be in a relationship. David’s message dispels some of the fairy tale ideals that are ‘rammed’ down our throats by the media and glossy magazines. We have to find and look for what is good in a person rather than wait for ‘Mr or Mrs Right’ If we are going through tough times, look upon God and work at sorting out the problems. We are all sinners, married to sinners, in a fallen world and God will make something broken, whole again. We have to pray for each other and pray as a couple……..


what are we living for

19th January 2014 | Steve Morris

Steve brings us a powerful and thought provoking message today as he follows on from the first part of our ‘Vision Sunday’
The key focus for last week and this is finances and how we live for and what do we do for our church. Everything of ours is God’s and we should wait on Him to tell us what we should give.
Steve reads from 1 Kings 10:14 and we hear how King Solomon is reputed to be the richest man in history. After hearing of his wealth we read from Ecclesiastes 2:12 where Solomon looks back at his reign and says….’It was all vanity….’
Sometimes, we lose sight of the vision and take our eye off the ball because of what ‘the system’ encourages us to do! Steve finishes by asking ‘What do we want to be remembered for. How many material things we had…or what we did for God?’….Are we fully in it for God?


the desires of your heart

29th December 2013 | David Bareham

In this, our first service after Christmas, David reads from Psalm 20 to help show us how important prayer is. He reminds us that we are constantly in a battle….”This is not a cruise ship”……We were never promised an easy life!
We need to be people of prayer and we must pray for ourselves and for one another. In this coming year, we will face trials and we will need the Lord to protect us.
David asks….”Do we have the faith to let God protect us in a life or death situation?” Can we honestly say that we have that amount of faith?
He finishes today by asking us, can we go into 2014 praying in faith and believe in that prayer that God will grant us those desires of our hearts.

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