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Life in the Spirit – Part Six – 4 of 4

2nd July 2017 | David Bareham

Before rounding of our series, “LIfe in the Spirit”, David gives us a little foretaste of what is to come next week as we go through a book written by Mike Betts from the Relational Mission group of churches. Many of you will have heard him speak here at CCCH before.

David’s main reading is from 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 as we learn about “Tongues and Interpretation”. He starts by giving us the definition of both, to maybe clear up any confusion and then raises some very important points as to whether we should be speaking in tongues or not. The Holy Spirit is the one that grants us that power, so we should actively seek to be able to use this fantastic gift.

David darts about through scripture to back up what I feel is an amazing message today. There is lots to learn and take in, so you may want to listen to it a couple of times!


Life in the Spirit – Part Six – 3 of 4

25th June 2017 | Malcolm Sullivan

On our penultimate part of this series, Malcolm continues with looking at the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit – Prophecy and Discernment”. He reads from Corinthians before opening up the Word.
Whilst reflecting on what has been said since this series began he says that “If the Holy Spirit moves within us, don’t try and work out what is going on and what gift you may have received…just enjoy it!” One important point he makes early on, is the difference between a prophet and prophecy. We must be aware of this.

There will always be an element of humanity in a prophet within church, so we have to weigh up what is being said and speak to leadership if necessary to ensure that we aren’t being mislead. This takes us nicely into the spiritual gift of discernment.. We are reminded that the devil is always out there trying to thwart God’s work. We must be on our guard as discernment can be very useful in helping people in church with their problems.


Father’s Day – Good Gifts

18th June 2017 | David Bareham

David’s message today is in two halves and in the first, after the reading, we have a lighthearted look at the fathers and the children in the congregation as to what gifts they had received.

In the second half, David points out that Jesus said that “Even evil people can give good gifts”. That is because we live in a broken world and our relationships can become affected by this. We do not walk the ‘perfect walk’ like Jesus did. Moving on from that, David gives us six key points to think about so that we are able to become a good or the best father that we can be.

To close, he asks us to think about what good gifts God brings and then goes on a walkabout to hear people’s ideas…..with some great answers from the kids!


Life in the Spirit – Part Six – 2 of 4

11th June 2017 | Tope Olukemi

As we start to draw this series to a close, Tope brings us Part Two of the “Gifts of the Spirit” and looks at Faith, Miracles and Healing. He reads from 1 Corinthians 12 and he highlights that in this reading, Paul is saying to the church that he doesn’t want it to be uninformed. This whole series has been about informing us of the great value that is to be had when living a “Life in the Spirit”. We hope that you have all gained something new or a different insight on what you may know already.

Tope asks “What does it mean to have these three gifts?” He then goes on to show many examples in scripture. In closing, he raises a very important point and that is that we mustn’t want, desire or love these gifts more than we love God. We have to get the balance right!


God Will Fill His Temple – Pentecost

4th June 2017 | David Bareham

David starts today by reading from Acts 2. He then breaks down a timeline of what happened at the time of Pentecost and how this reveals God’s plan. We are also shown where we fit into the whole Bible story and then are given a lightning tour of it from Genesis to Revelation. Along the way we hear some interesting historical facts of key events. This shows what a struggle it was to get God’s physical and spiritual temple established.

David finishes by reinforcing how important it is to have the Holy Spirit within us.


Guest Speaker – Paul Thompson

21st May 2017 | Paul Thompson

Our speaker today is Paul Thompson from Kings Church, Upminster. He reads from Ephesians 4 and teaches us about the “Kingdom Culture”. In his preamble we are told that we must be 1) Equipped, 2) Unified and 3) Mature for works of service. These three points will make us ready for what the world “out there” may throw at us. He asks the question “What is the difference between the Kingdom and Church?” and offers up an insight for us to think about and to ponder on.

He talks about the culture within church and how it can be so diverse. Paul also mentions that in the real world, such diversity could cause problems, but because of the unity we have in Christ, we have stability.

To summarise, he brings us four key points that we are encouraged to make note of.

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