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james – part four – living radically

23rd March 2014 | David Bareham

David’s message today is broken down into three points…. 1) Worship God  2) Live in Submission  3) Serve the Sovereign Lord Today.
He tells us that we will ALL face trials and tribulations. We have a different agenda to God. We have a pleasure agenda – we want to be happy! God has a holiness and fruitfulness agenda. Our desire should be, to be more like Him and to be fruitful for Him. When we set out on decision making we should seek what is going to please God and what will make us fruitful for His kingdom. Then, our desires are in line with Him and we are able to ‘Ask’ and we shall ‘Receive’!
We must be careful not to become to friendly with the world….this will set us apart from God. We must be submissive to God and serve


Focus Sunday – Wide and Effective Influence in our Community

16th March 2014 | Steve Morris

Steve’s message today was going to be centred around the parable of  The Good Samaritan, but after an earlier word from Anita (the pastor’s wife) he decided to change it slightly and what you hear today is amazing!
Steve reads from Luke 4:16 and looks at how that passage effects us as a church. Steve shares two stories. One of a young offender in London caught up in gang crime and another of a young girl in South Africa who had been sold into the sex trafficking trade by her own family! She later confessed to Steve that she never knew the love of God until she had attended the youth camp that she had become involved in.
Steve says he wants our church to be known in our community, where, through God’s power, we change situations and make things happen. He doesn’t want us to be a church that is scared to reach out and help.
He shares how the church (in general) is perceived in the secular world. We are seen as hypocritical and judgemental – he wants us to dispel that image!
Steve finishes by telling us, how we as a church, have been helping in the schools and in the community. Some of you listening to today’s message will be shocked and surprised as to how much need there is out there!!


james – part three – tame your tongue

9th March 2014 | Alastair Windus

Alastair reads from James to make us realise how we have to examine ourselves and to look at what and how we say things. He gives us some statistics regarding social media and reminds us of what we post online and also how we have to watch what we say in our everyday lives and in the workplace.
When Jesus was dying on the cross, He didn’t curse or judge. His words were of love and concern for His mother and who would look after her!
His message today has three main points 1) The importance of the tongue 2) The power of the tongue 3) The inconsistency of the tongue
What does your tongue say about you……? If someone that didn’t know you, saw your Facebook profile, how would you be seen…..Good….or….Bad?
Alastair finishes his message with three questions for us to think about 1) Is what you say pure, clean and truthful 2) Is it necessary 3) Is it kind…?


james – part two – have integrity

2nd March 2014 | Joachim Adenusi

Joachim begins his message this morning by telling us a story of two people in a failed marriage and asks us, “Was the husband or the wife wrong?”……
Today we look at three areas in our church life 1) Listening and doing 2) Favouritism is forbidden in church and 3) Faith and deed. Joachim uses the story to tie the three points together.
He asks, “What do we want to be as a church?” – Are we afraid to tell the truth when confronted with it? Would we be able to stand up and declare who we are to the Prime Minister or would we conform?
Christianity is real……It is not a joke…….The Bible is our guide!!


James – Part One – Keep Going

23rd February 2014 | Leon Ringlemann

Leon’s message today starts off a new series on James. The letter of James is essentially God saying “I love you and I want you to love Me”…….
Leon asks “Who was James and who did he write too?” We hear a story of how Leon was on an underground tube train and he uses the famous message “Mind the Gap” to illustrate what James was writing about.
In this first part, Leon breaks the message down into three main points 1) No pain, No gain 2) Where is your treasure? and 3) Faith is powerful in action.
Leon tells us that if we truly love God, then WE will know it and the WORLD will know it……..



16th February 2014 | Joachim Adenusi

Joachim starts his message today by talking about friendship within marriage and then takes a light hearted survey of people’s ideals of the different aspects of marriage. He reads from Ephesians 5 and we hear how your wife or husband should be your best friend and how we should be there for one another through the good times and the bad.
Despite any differences we have between us, God says we must love each other passionately.
We should never allow parents, children, family, ambition and careers to separate that friendship, that companionship.

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