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intentional mission

13th October 2013 | Leon Ringlemann

We continue our new series with Leon looking at the story in John 4 of the encounter with the Samaritan woman. This story helps us to understand Jesus’ mission and Leon’s message today has four key points which expand on the story of the woman at the well.


Missional Church: Community on a Mission

6th October 2013 | Joachim Adenusi

After hearing a summary of last week’s message Joachim starts his teaching today by reminding us of something we have heard many times….that ‘The church is the body of Christ, made of many different parts’.
The church is a community and a community of communities and Joachim asks ‘What is God saying today…..?
Although as a church we do lots of good things, nice things……sometimes we don’t do those things that He has asked us to do. On judgement day, you will be asked ‘Did you carry out the commission I gave you?’
Our mission is…..To seek and save the lost!!


Missional Church: Jesus is Lord

30th September 2013 | David Bareham

This week David kicks off our new sermon series: Missional Church.


Brian Heasley

23rd September 2013 | Brian Heasley

Today we had guest speaker Brian Heasley, National Director for 24/7 Prayer


Focus On: Marriage

15th September 2013 | Malcolm Sullivan


In this our first installment of our FocusOn Series, Malcolms shares with us about God’s blueprint for marriage.


the raising of lazarus

1st September 2013 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm’s message today is the last of the series we have been following on the ‘Seven Signs’. He reminds us of the sermons so far so that we can go back and read them again. This story is told only in the Gospel of John (John 11:1-46). Jesus is informed by messengers that Lazarus is ill, and that his two sisters are seeking his help. Jesus tells his followers that He intends to wait for Lazarus to die, in order that He (Jesus) may be glorified.
Malcolm splits his message into six scenes that we may better envisage this miracle. He finishes with a reminder and a warning that we, like Jesus, will face persecution as our ministry increases and we must be ready to fight.

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