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Victorious – Revelation Part Two

28th September 2014 | Malcolm Sullivan

We continue today with our look at Revelation and open up chapter two. Jesus is talking to the church at Pergamum. Idol worship was common place in this city and Jesus tells them to turn away from this practice and to focus back on Him.
He commends His people for staying loyal, even though one of them was martyred. Malcolm tells a poignant story of a man recently martyred because he worked as part of a team translating the Bible into modern Persian……
Malcolm asks….”Are we prepared to promote the word of God, even if we face persecution?”
What would Jesus commend our church for? We are reminded of all of the things we, as a church, do within our community but the question is….”What would Jesus say about us as individuals?”


Victorious Jesus – Revelation Part One

14th September 2014 | David Bareham

David starts a new series today as we look at Revelation and the victory of Christ. We read from chapter one and David gives us a brief summary of the coming weeks.
The book of Revelation was written to seven churches of the day and our aim is to try and understand how they perceived it and and understood it and how we can relate it to our lives today.
To quote David “This is going to be an exciting journey”…….There is a lot to listen to and to take in within this series, so please take the time to hear what we are being told from God.
His message was passed down to Jesus and then to the angel that spoke to John – the author of this book.


God’s Grace is Sufficient

31st August 2014 | Guest Speaker - Rod Sexton

We welcome back one of the elders from our church today as he brings us this week’s message. He light heartedly makes the point that his is a message of two halves and we must stay to hear the conclusion!
Rod believes that some of us have been living a Christian life based on ‘half truths’. Sometimes we are told ‘IF’ we do this, then ‘THAT’ will happen and he warns that we must be careful not to be drawn into these false promises. As we have been told many times in our church, Jesus said we will face trials. Rod reminds us of Paul’s suffering, but through it all he (Paul) kept his focus on God.
We also hear about Rod’s early church life, the problems with his own eyesight and a minister’s wife, whom was known to our church, who sadly lost her battle against cancer.
Rod wants to encourage us today that God is on our side and He knows what is best for us and our church and that His grace…….will always be sufficient! Amen to that!


Paul’s Prayer in Ephesians 3:14

24th August 2014 | Alastair Windus

Today Alastair brings us one of Paul’s prayers and reads from Ephesians 3:14.
He delves deeply into what Paul is saying and reminds us of the fact that sometimes; our own prayers can be driven by what is happening in the here and now. Paul on the other hand, focuses on what Jesus had done for them. He looks at the ‘Big Picture’
Quite often, we can lose our motivation for prayer, but even after suffering persecution, seeing Jesus’ power, Paul was highly motivated to pray.
Alastair uses a good analogy of when he and his wife moved into their new home. It was empty and had been damaged. He says that our hearts can be full of all kinds of things that need cleaning. Jesus will do that for us – we just need to give him time.
To finish, Alastair interacts with the children on part of Paul’s prayer.


Family Service – A look at ‘Hope’

17th August 2014 | Joachim Adenusi

Joachim starts his message today by telling us something that we already know, but sometimes we don’t realise how much…….The news on TV and radio….Can be depressing!
This can sometimes cloud our view and we lose our sense of hope.
He asks “What is Hope?” We then hear some examples of what we think it is. Joachim then explains what the Bible says about it.
He delivers a passionate message and we learn that Faith and Hope work in harmony and that Jesus is our hope and we must never lose sight of that!


A Look at Psalm 103

10th August 2014 | Leon Ringlemann

Leon’s message is centred around Psalm 103 today and he takes an in depth look at it.
One interesting point he makes is that “We must deal with our convictions and the problems in our lives as this will put a barrier between us and God. We have to sort it out and move on!”
He reminds us of a saying that someone he knew and admired used to say, which was, “God takes away our sins and throws them into the sea……He then puts up a sign that says ‘No Fishing’……”
Leon tells us that we are to leave old sin where it is and not to go fishing for it or to try and dig it up again.

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