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CCCH – Our Vision – Part Two

17th January 2016 | David Bareham

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CCCH – You are 20 years old this month!! 🙂

David’s message today is a mixture of two parts. Not only is it our annual review and update, it is also a celebration of our church being on Chafford Hundred for the last 20 years.

To keep the message in context with scripture, he reads from John 15.
There is so much to say, I cannot possibly fit it all in! We hear about our church plants, how we are working in the community, our church eldership and leaders (which includes prayer for them) and David recognises all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes with our many volunteers.

He also gives us an insight as to what our focus will be for 2016….We will be digging deep into the act of Evangelism.

One date to put in your diary is the special ‘Gift Day’ on the 31st January 2016. This is to add to the tithes and offerings so gratefully received to enable our church to continue with it’s work in all the areas that this message speaks about.


CCCH – Our Vision – Part One

10th January 2016 | Tope Olukemi

First of all, I want to say, “Happy New Year” to you all……

We start the new year with a look back at our vision for Community Church Chafford Hundred. We will look at the vision over the next few weeks and to start off, Tope looks at what it means to be a disciple.

He asks, “Who and What is a Disciple?”….. Tope gives a very defined answer, but the good news is, that once we become Christians, we also become a disciple. It is not something we have to aspire too. He reads from Luke 14:25-35 and there are some strong points that come out of the reading and as a parent myself, this is a struggle to get my/your head around.
The remainder of Tope’s message is bringing the meaning of discipleship and what Jesus expects of us. He (Jesus) can offer us so much more than what this world ever can!

Tope also summarises what we do as a church and how you, the congregation, can become involved. Don’t just sit back and think others will do it. Christ has called us to serve.


Is Jesus With Us?

27th December 2015 | David Bareham

As we bring 2015 to a close, David gives us a message to remind us that we need Jesus in our lives.

He reads from Luke 2:41 and we hear how Jesus became separated from his family and became left behind in Jerusalem when he was only 12 years old. When His parents went back to search for Him, He was found safe and sound in the temple.
David gives us an example of how we (people) can get caught up in tradition and custom. He tells us that we have to be careful that we don’t let tradition and custom take the place of Jesus. Let us not assume that He is with us. We must actively seek Him and not be satisfied until we feel His presence!

David closes by encouraging us to be part of the prayer meetings being held at the start of 2016. This will enable us to re-build and strengthen that relationship that we may have lost with Him.

I wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year



Christmas Message

13th December 2015 | Malcolm Sullivan

As is usual with Malcolm, he brings us a lighthearted and fun message involving the families in our congregation. He shares a short story that gave him the inspiration for his teaching today in which he heard a lady praying so that people may more understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Whilst we hear lots of fun and laughter, Malcolm finishes with a serious moment so that we can take it away and think about this message as we spend time with our families during this holiday period.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂


Redemption – Part Eight

6th December 2015 | David Bareham

Well, here we are, at the final part of our ‘Redemption’ series. The title of David’s message is “Presence, Promise and the Practise”
He reads from Exodus 40:17,  as well as other areas of scripture to round up the overall message and to bring this series to a close.

As he has been unwell this week, he uses, as an analogy, something his wife Anita had said to him to help us understand the theme of his teaching today. As we have heard before, it is easy for us as Christians to put up a facade and ‘go through the motions’ and not be in the presence of God. It is not good enough to be this way as we will not feel God’s grace or His presence.
David asks, “How do we practise the presence and the promise?” and then goes on to give us some practical tips as well as an A,B,C of how to practise God’s word.

He also shares some of his experiences of how he has spent time with God and how it has helped in his life.


Redemption – Part Seven

29th November 2015 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm’s message today is subtitled ‘Worship in the Wilderness’ and looks at the instruction given by God as to how the courtyard and the tabernacle were to be constructed and used.
Malcolm gives us a detailed insight into the size and shape of the tabernacle with the use of a multi media slide presentation. During his description of the structure, we learn that this was a foretelling of Jesus and the early churches.

The priests would have gone into the tent and offered their praise and worship daily. Malcolm asks……”Do we do that?”

If we were around at the time when the tabernacle was constructed, we would not have been able to meet with God. We would never have been allowed into the ‘Most Holy Place’. But we are reminded that when Jesus died on the cross, God ripped the curtain in the temple from top to bottom.
This was God’s way of showing that He had given us a new covenant, that through Jesus, we can have a direct relationship with Him.

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