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Running the Race – The Finish

16th August 2015 | David Bareham

In this, the last in our short series looking at Hebrews 12, David shows us how important it is to not only ‘Run the Race’, but also that we must ‘Finish Well’.
Poor Fidel gets ‘volunteered’ again to help give us a practical example which brings together and summarises the last three weeks teaching.
As followers of Christ, we have nothing to fear at the time of judgement. We have to persevere in our race so that we can be with Him in heaven. David paints a picture of what we can expect when we meet with God!

Although Hebrews is full of teaching, it also contains warnings and David tells us we must listen and be obedient.

He finishes by asking. ‘Who would we like to speak too and to listen too when our race finishes?’………..As some of you know, my wife was the first person in our church to run her race and as David said back then ‘To finish well’ ……. This series has reminded me of that time and I think I would like to hear her story of what heaven is like.



Running the Race – The Obstacles Before Us

9th August 2015 | David Bareham

Following on with the theme of the last two weeks, David gives us some simple ‘exercises’ to do, which help illustrate the need for us to strengthen ourselves spiritually, so that we can encourage others to respond well to suffering.
We mustn’t put obstacles in the way of the fellowship. Among others these obstacles include disunity, bitterness, ungodliness and missing the whole point of grace.

David then gives a more detailed look at these issues and what we can do to rid ourselves of them.


Running the Race – Our Training

2nd August 2015 | David Bareham

In this, the second part of our series looking Hebrews 12, David discusses God’s discipline and gives us five points to consider.

To get us ‘warmed up’ for his message, David gives another practical demonstration of one definition of ‘Training’…..This time he uses Rex (who is one of the ‘fitter’ members of the congregation) to put us through our paces! Needless to say, there were some people that struggled slightly!

We hear that although God loves us so much and we are His family, the fact that we allowed sin to enter our lives, we suffer and have trials. This is not God’s plan, it is of our own creation.
To help illustrate his point, David references one of the members of our congregation at Community Church Chadwell St Mary and the pain, suffering and problems he has. But despite all that, he ‘oozes’ Jesus! David asks “What do we do?”

Suffering is not part of the new heaven and earth we are promised. We are a Kingdom people and when we are suffering, God hasn’t left us – He is still working in our lives.
David finishes his message by taking communion and praying for us.


Running the Race – Eyes on the Prize

26th July 2015 | David Bareham

We start a new series today looking at Hebrews 12 and it is called ‘Running the Race’ and it examines our journey of faith.

The book of Hebrews has some great teaching and it’s theme is the superiority of Jesus and it contrasts the new covenant with the old. Hebrews is a story of faith and during his message, David asks, “What is your journey of faith like?”
We are in a race and provided we follow Jesus, we will win that race. To help illustrate his point, he gives us a practical demonstration of how the ‘world’ can hold us back. Jesus will free us from these bonds.

We have been declared holy and righteous – Let’s live that way!
We all have different races to run and we must listen to God to see which lane he wants us to follow. Jesus ran His race perfectly……so let us follow His example!


Citizens of Heaven – Part Seven – Passionate Citizens

12th July 2015 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm reads from Philippians 3:7 in this last message in the series ‘Citizens of Heaven’

He starts by saying that even as hard as we try, we are not what God wants us to be…..but….when Jesus died on the cross, He saw us and what we CAN be. Malcolm refers to a song from this morning and says that God is like a potter with a lump of clay. Just as the potter does, God moulds us into the person He wants us to be.
To help illustrate his message, Malcolm shows us an image of an archery target and says that to be ‘Passionately Involved Citizens’, we need to be in the centre, in the gold. He warns us that if we move too far out from the centre, we will begin to cool off…We will not be ‘on fire’ and we will also be open to attack from the enemy. We need to encourage people to greater works all the time.

Malcolm finishes by reminding us that Jesus hung on the cross for us. He gave everything for us…What are we giving up for Him??



God’s Calling

5th July 2015 | Wojtek Trybek

Today we have a good friend of ours at Community Church, Chafford Hundred. He is pastor Wojtek Trybek, from Gizycko in Poland. We have partnered with them for many years and it is a pleasure to have him bring us the message today.

His word today is a very simple one as he reads from Romans 8 verses 30 and 32. He then shares what is in his heart about those two verses.
He also shares of his experiences of working in Uganda with orphaned children and although they have nothing (materially)…they have everything (spiritually). He says that it can be quite humbling to see the joy these children have because all they rely on is God’s love and grace.

Wojtek’s work as a pastor hasn’t always been easy but he says that it was God’s calling, so he had to obey and he says that no matter what our education or our background may be, with God’s grace, we can answer that call. We are predestined to be with God…..so as was discussed in my Life Group last night….we have to ‘Pray and Obey’

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