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The Expanding Church – Part Four – Persecution Expands the Church

8th June 2014 | David Bareham

In David’s message today, we hear about persecution in the church. It is not just local to us…It is worldwide…and God allows this to happen.
You may ask ‘Why, why do we suffer persecution?’
David quotes a blog post from MP Ann Widdecombe in which she expresses how Christians and Christianity is viewed in the world today. David’s answer to the question ‘Why’, is that we can become too comfortable in our church lives. God will take us out of our comfort zone and give us trials, so we don’t become complacent!
Like the disciples we must become filled with the Holy Spirit and go out there and spread the word to the ends of the earth. We are carriers of the living God and He will be with us tomorrow, the next day and the next when we are out there.
We hear a word from one of our congregation, Anesta, in which she talks about us having faith in God. David’s response to that is…..’With faith, we will receive the Holy Spirit!!’


Get Connected – Share Your Story!

25th May 2014 | Guest Speaker - Russell Godward

Today’s message is brought to us by our guest speaker Russell Godward from Thurrock Christian Fellowship. He reads from Acts 17 which focuses on God using ordinary people to share the Gospel of Jesus and turn the world upside down…or as Russell says….”The right way up!!”
Russell first shares a story about his own life and is followed later by his wife, Janet. Theirs is a story of heartache, but at the same time, a story of great faith and hope.
During the course of his message today, we are encouraged to share our own testimony of how we are and where we are in our Christian lives. Russell suggests that we can get ‘stuck’ in our comfort zone. We need to stop talking about how we are going to turn the world upside down. Get out there and share our story…..Get connected!!


The Expanding Church – Part Three – Structure Assists Expansion

18th May 2014 | David Bareham

David continues our series and today we read from Acts Chapter 6 and we see that the early church is still growing at a very fast rate. People are coming to Jerusalem from far and wide and of course, like all growing ‘organisations’, there were problems.
We, in the modern church, can relate to that issue. With the pressures and stresses of work and our hectic lives, problems will creep into our church lives too.
David tells us that our church has grown by nearly 20% in the last year and that as a church, we must change with that growth. We must not stand still, otherwise our church will die!! So please….don’t complain about change in our church!
We are a very diverse congregation and we must work hard at making it work. We must not get distracted away from what God wants us to do or to spread ourselves too thin which would interfere with what we already do within God’s house.


The Expanding Church – Part Two – Miracles and Persecution

11th May 2014 | Alistair Windus

Alistair brings us the second part of our new series looking at The Expanding Church and today he explains to us….What it is to live for God.
He starts by referencing two stories, one about Mahatma Ghandi and the other about Bishop Desmond Tutu. These two stories raise the question of what type of church should we be? Alistair then reads from Act 3 – 5 which help to answer that very question.
We hear that miracles, signs and wonders will not guarantee that people will believe in God. It is us, filled with the Holy Spirit and facing persecution head on that will help witness to the non believers and to show God’s power. We need to live for Christ to gain and not for earthly things that we will leave behind when we die!
If we follow what God wants us to do, we may be called ‘Intolerant’ if we try and preach the bible’s contents. Man will say we cannot hold those views….But God is asking us to follow Him and stand our ground!!


The Expanding Church – Part One – Power and it’s Purpose

4th May 2014 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm reads from Acts and in these passages, we can see how the church of that time, grew very quickly.
There were lots of people mentioned in Acts that only had a small role to play in the expansion of the early church. Acts is not just for leaders!
This leads Malcolm into his message where he summarises what this new series is about and how we, as a church, are moving forward…..and…..expanding. He finishes by telling us that we must seek God and to ask Him…”What are we to do….for the church?”


Youth Service – Focus on Sin

27th April 2014 | Various speakers today

Today’s service has a message with a difference…..The whole morning is lead by our youth team and the younger members of our congregation.
It is a mixture of worship songs, testimonies, drama, a display of prophetic painting and the message itself is acted out as if one of our youth is listening to a preacher. The message has three main points to look at 1) Significance 2) Acceptance and 3) Security…….Gbenga explains that Christ is the answer to the problem of sin!
We are shown two video clips that explain ‘Why Christ came’.
What you hear now is the main points of the morning and the service is brought to a close with prayer and prophecy for the youth of our church.

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