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Our Statement of Faith – Part Five – The Bible

1st March 2015 | Joachim Adenusi

Joachim starts his message today by summarising our series so far, about our Mission Statement and “What do we believe”? He gives a passionate expression of how he sees the world right now and how corrupt man has made the planet we live on. His message today reinforces the need as to why we have to concentrate on God’s word.
Joachim then asks the congregation for some examples of the various themes that run through the bible. He light-heartedly pushes for some of the less obvious answers!
He gives us some good practical advice as to how we can read the bible in our busy lives. We have many options in this digital age, there is really no excuse!
Joachim uses a bottle of coke and a bottle of water to give a demonstration of how God’s word can become diluted and become less pure with what we see and hear from the media and he finishes with a passionate plea for us to continue to dedicate our lives to Christ and to read the Word.


Our Statement of Faith – Part Four – Man

22nd February 2015 | David Bareham

David tackles a very awkward subject today when he teaches us how we, “Mankind”, have disrupted God’s plan for this world. He takes us back to Genesis where he discusses the fall of man, but, reveals that sin was already there in the form of the serpent, before Adam and Eve were deceived. David gives an in depth look at how the first sin had entered the world. We also hear how Adam and Eve were given the task to subdue the earth which gives us further clues that evil had already infiltrated His perfect world.
David plays us a controversial video clip from the Irish TV channel RTE in which Steven Fry is asked the question of what he would say to God if he were to meet Him. I have removed the actual response that Steven gave from this recording as I thought it best to leave the decision to you, the listener, as to whether you want to hear it. The link to the interview is below.
Although Adam and Eve never carried out the task that God had set them, we now know that Jesus came to earth as a man, to complete it and is continuing to work here, in our lives every day.

Go here to view the interview with Steven Fry on God


Focus Sunday – Care for the Family

15th February 2015 | Yemi Adeeko

Our guest speaker today, Yemi, gives a summary of what the organisation “Care for the Family” can do to help parents raise their children in a way that emotional conflicts can be kept to a minimum, or removed completely.
The organisation works in lots of different areas of family life and can help with marriage and bereavement as well as the parenting course being discussed today.
It is not only the child’s emotions that need managing…..It’s us as parents too! We should be on a journey together, with our children and learn how to communicate better with each other.
For more information look at their website Care for the Family – Parenting Course or speak to the church office for course dates.

We apologise for the quality of some of the audio in today’s message, but the video we listened to can be viewed on the above link.


Our Statement of Faith – Part Three -The Holy Spirit

8th February 2015 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm starts by reading a section of our Statement of Faith that is relevant to his message today. He then reads various scriptures from the Old Testament which show the Holy Spirit as being there, all the way through.
Malcolm brings us five key things that the Holy Spirit does for us:-
1) Convicts us of sin…..
If we are not convicted of our sins, how can we seek God for forgiveness?

2) Sanctifies us
When we are sanctified, we are washed of our sins. But as humans, we can backslide.
Malcolm shares a story of Jackie Pullinger to help illustrate this.

3) Empowers us to witness for Him.
The Holy Spirit will give us the confidence and the words to use to tell others.

4) Unifies us
It helps us to keep ‘In Step’ with Him

5) To some extent, the Holy Spirit depends on us!
Our deeds, actions and things we say can have a big impact on the Holy Spirit working within us!


Our Statement of Faith – Part Two – Jesus

1st February 2015 | Tope Olukemi

Tope continues our look at our statement of faith in the next part of this new series. Today we hear about who Jesus was….and is
He brings us three points from our statement and helps us to understand why they are so important to us as a church.
After his message, Tope asks “What does this all mean to us?”………. I cannot answer that here…you will have to listen to his conclusion for that!!


Our Statement of Faith – Part One – The Godhead

25th January 2015 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm starts off a new series today, which is based around our statement of faith. This is what we believe scripture is telling us.
He gives an example of how easy it was in ancient and primitive religions to have various gods that were worshipped for fertility, abundant crops, etc. He then gives an in depth (as much as he can in 30 mins!) look at God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Today’s subject is a very complex one to understand and you may want to listen more than once to be able to take it in!
Malcolm’s summary brings his message into the real world and allows us to get to grips with it more by using real life comparisons.

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