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Citizens of Heaven – Part Five – Kingdom Life Choices

7th June 2015 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm reads from Philippians 2:5-8 as he looks at our life choices. Quite often we make choices without first consulting God and that can take us down a path that is not what He has planned for us.
Firstly Malcolm gives us a list of choices of what Jesus made, which ultimately, led to to Him dying on the cross so that we can be saved and become ‘Citizens of Heaven’
As many of us know, Jesus told parables (stories) to help people understand what He was teaching. The parable of the 10 virgins shows us that half of them chose to sleep and weren’t ready to re-light the lamps. They weren’t ready. Malcolm asks “If we make the wrong choice, will we be ready?”

Malcolm then gives us some of the choices we make in our lives, but we have to make certain they are ‘Kingdom Choices’…….He raises some interesting points!
He finishes by sharing a story that brings home the consequences of a person that unknowingly, had made a wrong choice!


Citizens of Heaven – Part Four – Joyful Citizens

31st May 2015 | Tope Olukemi

As we return to our teaching series, Tope asks, “What does joy mean to us as Citizens of Heaven?”
He starts with a lighthearted look at some images from yesterday’s football F.A. Cup Final to show us the faces of joy and sadness. He tells us that we shouldn’t let the happenings in our daily lives dictate our emotions and how we feel. Being a citizen of heaven is all we need as God wants us to have constant joy.
Sometimes though, it is impossible to be filled with joy and Tope reads from Philippians Chapter 4 to remind us of what Paul says, “Rejoice always in the Lord”…When we think about God’s word and the truths that are in scripture, we have lots to rejoice about! Having the Holy Spirit in our lives, produces joy.
We have heard many times that our Christian lives may not always be easy, but if we look to Jesus when we face these trials, that will help us focus on true joy.
Tope finishes with prayer to encourage us to rejoice…..always!


Pentecost Sunday

24th May 2015 | David Bareham

Before starting his message today, David gives us a short time line of the events leading up to Pentecost. The pouring out of the Holy Spirit was foretold in the Old Testament and we can read many examples of this. Jesus also promised the arrival of the Holy Spirit and it was at Pentecost that this promise came true.
David reads from Acts 2 and then proceeds to give us three points to consider. He continues to ‘tell it as it is’ in the bible and we hear many examples from scripture of ‘happenings and signs’ that showed people were filled with the Spirit.
For us to be a shining light, the Holy Spirit must overflow from us. In that way, our lives will change and all will know!


Citizens of Heaven – Part Three – Righteousness

10th May 2015 | David Bareham

It has been a very important week here in the UK as we have elected a new government. David tells us that he knows churches up and down the country have held prayer meetings, praying that God’s righteousness will prevail and that the right person will be running the country.

After a brief summary of the last two weeks messages, he reads from Philippians, chapters 1 & 3 and follows with a light hearted look at what makes us ‘British’
We have many characteristics and traits that make us what we are and it is our hope that through Jesus, people will know that we are of the church.

When we put our faith in Christ, He gives us His righteousness. We have been clothed in a robe of salvation and have become saints.

We must always be careful of what goes into our hearts and souls, because when God ‘shakes’ us, everything that is inside, will come out for all to see. We have to ensure that we fill ourselves with the Holy Spirit. The church is often accused of not ‘practising what it preaches’ and by having the righteousness of Jesus within us, we will not be seen as hypocrites.


Citizens of Heaven – Part Two – Grace

3rd May 2015 | Tope Olukemi

Today Tope looks at ‘What qualifies us to be citizens of heaven?’…He asks a list of questions and then reads from Philippians 3:3-7
Our human efforts (no matter how good we think they are) will not qualify us. Even what was written in Jewish law, all the rituals and tasks to be performed, is still not enough.
Sadly, these things are seen by the secular world as a guarantee of being accepted into heaven.
Tope reads from Ephesians 2:1-9, which states quite clearly, what entitles us our citizenship!

He reads the parable about the unforgiving servant and breaks the story down into a way that makes it easier for us to understand. His debt was impossible to pay, yet his master forgave him and wrote it off.
Jesus paid the ultimate price…a debt that we cannot repay….yet, by his GRACE, we are forgiven and our place in heaven is secured.
Tope also teaches us that we have to learn to show the grace to others that has been gifted to us.


Citizens of Heaven – Part One – Intro

26th April 2015 | Malcolm Sullivan

NOTE:- Due to a technical problem we do not get to hear the first reading of Malcolm’s message. To set the scene, he reads from Acts 16, starting at verse 7.
Malcolm then gives us a short history and geography lesson which ties in with his reading. This new series is to show us that although we may live in different areas and places and we may sometimes feel like foreigners…our first call is in heaven. Once we have asked Jesus to forgive our sins, we are sanctified – but for the rest of our lives, we are to walk with Jesus and be more like Him.
We are encouraged to pray to be set free and to become an active member of the kingdom of God……This is all part of the process of gaining ‘Citizenship’

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