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Focus Sunday – ‘Enough’ Corporate Prayer

7th December 2014 | Mike Betts

Our guest speaker today is Mike Betts who is from the Lowestoft Community Church and heads up the apostolic sphere in Relational Mission as part of New Frontiers.
He reads from 2 Corinthians 1:11 which tells of many people praying together. Mike says that prayer is one of the most important things we can do as a church.
In the bible we are told that we don’t know how to pray……but, the good news is….the Holy Spirit will help us!
Mike gives us a passionate message on the importance and effectiveness of corporate prayer and that we must respond to the crisis we see around us. If we pray in this manner, we will see God move in this land.

We also hear about a national movement that is happening next year to bring the Relational Mission churches together to pray on the same night for the same things so that God hears “The Prayers of Many”


Victorious – Revelation – Part Nine

30th November 2014 | Steve Morris

To allow us to visualise his message today, Steve tells a story of a mountain he climbed in America. He shares his experience of the view from the summit but also how the ‘false summit’ he reached, directly relates to Chapter 20 in Revelation.

To help reinforce the message from last week, he shows us images of people at the ‘Black Friday’ sales fighting over physical goods and asks “Is that the level of desperation we can find ourselves at now?”
Chapter 20 tells of Satan being bound for 1000 years and Steve gives us some statements to ponder on. “Are we Pre, Actually in or Post this event or age?” He sums it up by saying that it doesn’t really matter at what stage we are at….ultimately, we will be with Christ and we should be content with that!
For the last part of his message we are at the ‘summit’ and we have full view of the glory of God and the new heaven and earth. When you read and hear Steve’s description of this new place, I hope that it gives you ‘goosebumps’ like it does me, to think that I will be there forever!!…Amen to that 🙂


Victorious – Revelation – Part Eight

23rd November 2014 | Tope Olukemi

Tope reads from Revelation, Chapters 17, 18 and 19 which tell of the fifth vision that John saw. It refers to ‘Babylon the Great’ and Tope asks “What is this vision depicting”?
Is it the actual city of Babylon or as some believe it could be Rome or Jerusalem? He takes a detailed look at this chapter and tries to unravel it for us.

We hear that the devil will use whatever means possible to lure us away from God. Tope’s message reveals to us, all of the challenges that we face. We have to be careful of becoming intoxicated by all of these temptations and pushing God aside. True wealth and riches can only be found in God.
His people had suffered under Babylon, but when she was defeated there was rejoicing in heaven!

In finishing, Tope shares a true story that shows how easy it is to be ‘taken in’ by false promises.
We must keep our hearts, our minds and our eyes open so that we are able to discern what is ‘Too good to be true’!!


Focus Sunday – A Look at Perfectionism

16th November 2014 | Deb Hendrey

Today is one of our Focus Sundays where we take a break from our normal teaching program.
We hear from Deb today and for the benefit of those that don’t know her, she gives a brief introduction about herself and her walk with Christ. She tells of her pastoral role within the church and reminds us of how important it is for us to be a ‘part’ of the church. Not just turn up and then leave without communing with anyone.
Deb’s message is her interpretation of a conference she went to recently in which she was spoken too in a powerful way!
Listen especially near the end, to Deb’s mention of a book she has read about a young man named Daniel, as he is escorted up to the throne of heaven to be judged. It helps to remind us of what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross!


Victorious – Revelation – Part Seven

9th November 2014 | Malcolm Sullivan

As part of the build up to Malcolm’s message, he gives us four things to ponder on before he delves into this week’s reading from Revelation.
He asks “Do we believe in the God of the Bible – What was Satan’s first question to Eve –  Do we realise that the devil’s most used form of temptation is to make us doubt God’s word  and did Jesus teach about God’s wrath”?
Malcolm reads from Mark 12:1-12. It is the parable of the evil farmers that Jesus used to teach about consequences of sin. God is a God of judgement!
We read from chapters 15 and 16 of Revelation and learn about the seven plagues and that God’s wrath is completed.
Malcolm finishes with a passionate and heartfelt question….He asks “Are we right with God, are we ready for judgement day”. God will come like a thief in that night and if we aren’t ready, we will suffer His wrath and be refused entry into heaven! It is a stark truth that we must be fully aware of!


Victorious – Revelation – Part Six

2nd November 2014 | Steve Morris

Steve’s message is from chapter 12 and we look today at another element of the vision and the unveiling of the enemy.
He starts by recalling his time visiting and speaking at a drug rehabilitation centre. The man that Steve was talking with shared his visions of what it was like when he was under the influence of drugs…..It could almost be straight from Revelation!!

Steve also shares a testimony of how a friend of his, came to know Jesus.

Today’s message is very intense and as I have said before, I cannot do it justice here in my summary. So listen to today’s message and if you have to listen to it twice to fully understand it, then do so as that is the only way we can be prepared for what God has in store for us.

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