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Focus Sunday – Truth, Forgiveness and Reconciliation

20th July 2014 | Steve Morris

As today is one of our Focus Sundays, Steve brings us a message which is close to his heart.
We have a God in heaven that loves us and builds a foundation of grace, which is the core of the gospel and is centred on Truth, Forgiveness and Reconciliation.
If we have been reconciled with God, He has given us the free gift of forgiveness and we should know how to forgive others. Jesus was let down by people close to him…for example, Thomas.
Simon Peter denied Jesus three times and He gave him the opportunity to be reconciled with Him and Jesus does the same for us!
Once we are right with God, Steve tells us that it is time to get right with that family member or business colleague or partner that may of let us down or hurt us. We may have a passion for helping others but we need to take time out, have a pit stop and look at our own heart first, before getting back out there and helping the needy!


The Expanding Church – Part Nine – Missional Church

13th July 2014 | Joachim Adenusi

Joachim starts his message by picking out a few points from what Alastair gave us last week. He says that our church is in the same position within our own community as was the church at Antioch.
He is quite passionate about statistics and presents to us, the state of ‘religion’ in the UK, quoting figures from the 2011 Census. Some of the numbers and the points that Joachim makes, are quite thought provoking. Alarmingly, 25% of the people in the UK have NO religion. Jaochim asks….’What is our response….What is our commission??’
He also asks… ‘What is the most common illness in Thurrock?’….If we don’t know, how are we supposed to pray, what are we supposed to pray?
Jesus said ‘Go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation’. Joachim tells us about his time in London and shows us how we are to get out there and reach the people!!


The Expanding Church – Part Eight – The Church at Antioch

6th July 2014 | Alastair Windus

Alastair brings us an in depth look at the church at Antioch today. We hear how at the time, Antioch was a large city of many cultures and was similar to many of the big cities in the world today. The church was vibrant and committed to mission and evangelism. It was a key church at the time and was influential in the growth of Christianity. Like us, it believed in church planting and Alastair’s message relates to our vision.
The church at Antioch was, 1) Focused on Mission 2) Christ like 3) Multicultural and 4) Modelled on strong leadership and discipleship.
As he goes through his message, Alastair challenges us and asks us to consider these four aspects and to assess where we think we are, compared to the church back then.

Note:- We apologise for the sound quality during the first two minutes of the message today and also for the radio interference we encountered as well.


The Expanding Church – Part Seven – The Apostles Peter and Saul

29th June 2014 | Leon Ringlemann

As we near the end of our series on Acts, Leon brings us the story of Peter and Saul of Tarsus. Leon’s message is in the form of a story or like a theatre play to help our imagination grab a hold of the amazing things that were happening in the early church.
We are reminded of the miracles carried out in Jesus’ name by these two apostles and Leon shares some of his family history which helps to illustrate his message and how great our God is.
Listen to Leon’s heartfelt account of the passing of his father-in-law and the quote from a man called ‘Ed’ to see how we are to stay ready for when Jesus comes again!


The Expanding Church – Part Four – Persecution Expands the Church

8th June 2014 | David Bareham

In David’s message today, we hear about persecution in the church. It is not just local to us…It is worldwide…and God allows this to happen.
You may ask ‘Why, why do we suffer persecution?’
David quotes a blog post from MP Ann Widdecombe in which she expresses how Christians and Christianity is viewed in the world today. David’s answer to the question ‘Why’, is that we can become too comfortable in our church lives. God will take us out of our comfort zone and give us trials, so we don’t become complacent!
Like the disciples we must become filled with the Holy Spirit and go out there and spread the word to the ends of the earth. We are carriers of the living God and He will be with us tomorrow, the next day and the next when we are out there.
We hear a word from one of our congregation, Anesta, in which she talks about us having faith in God. David’s response to that is…..’With faith, we will receive the Holy Spirit!!’


Get Connected – Share Your Story!

25th May 2014 | Guest Speaker - Russell Godward

Today’s message is brought to us by our guest speaker Russell Godward from Thurrock Christian Fellowship. He reads from Acts 17 which focuses on God using ordinary people to share the Gospel of Jesus and turn the world upside down…or as Russell says….”The right way up!!”
Russell first shares a story about his own life and is followed later by his wife, Janet. Theirs is a story of heartache, but at the same time, a story of great faith and hope.
During the course of his message today, we are encouraged to share our own testimony of how we are and where we are in our Christian lives. Russell suggests that we can get ‘stuck’ in our comfort zone. We need to stop talking about how we are going to turn the world upside down. Get out there and share our story…..Get connected!!

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