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Guest Speaker – Peter Vincent

28th February 2016 | Peter Vincent

We welcome back today, Peter and Angela Vincent from Bishops Stortford. They are part of the New Frontiers church there and work for the Relational Mission arm of that church. Peter is our church’s apostolic overseer but also our friend and many of you would have heard him speak before. His topic today is “Presence and Promise”

He starts with a prayer for our church and then shares a story of a young man that had the gift of evangelism and how he was released into running an Alpha Course and how it changed and grew.

Peter reads from Joshua 3 which tell how the Israelites were told to follow the Ark of the Covenant and to follow the Word of God.
As is normal with Peter, he brings a passionate and information filled message which has far too much content for me to summarise here! I have just noted the three key points which Peter breaks down into bite sized chunks. They are “Consecration, Take up the Ark and Stand in the River”

Listen and enjoy!



Family Focus – Part Three – Family Life

21st February 2016 | Malcolm and Sandra Sullivan

The definition of a family is “A group of people related to each other”….That sounds so simple doesn’t it! But as we all know a family can have and will have its fair share of problems. Malcolm’s message today hopefully helps to bring those problems into perspective.

He reads the famous passage in Genesis 22 regarding Abraham’s obedience to God as he prepares to sacrifice his own son!
In this modern age, many of us will struggle with this passage and would say “I could never do that!”…..But we have to remember, Abraham had absolute faith in God and he knew he had to do God’s will. We must have that faith also and be prepared to carry out His plan for us.

Part of that plan is to be good parents to our children and to guard and protect them. We have to show them how important the Bible and prayer is to the family unit. With the help of Sandra, we hear how our children can be influenced by the outside world. We have to guard the ‘front door’ of our house to help prevent ‘the wrong stuff or people’ from entering in. We must teach our children strong family values so that they can live in the real world. But they must not be clones of us as parents. With what we teach them, they must find Jesus and become their own person!


Family Focus – Part Two – Marriage

14th February 2016 | David Bareham

In the second part of this mini series, David talks about ‘Marriage’ and what the Bible says about it as he reads from Ephesians 5:15.

He then quotes some figures taken from the UK 2012 Census and some of the statistics are quite surprising. Marriage is a big discussion within the church as a whole and in 2014, we saw the first same sex marriage here in the UK. The world in general can be quite prejudiced at times but David makes a point that as a church, we would welcome anybody and everybody into our congregation, regardless of colour, age, culture etc…..Because that is what Jesus did and we have to follow His example.

God’s perfect plan is for man and woman to stay together and we can read about that in Genesis 2. David gives us some of the reasons why marriages can go wrong. We are fighting a constant battle and we must be on our guard but at the same time, look within ourselves at our own inner battle.
Remember, we mustn’t let OUR agenda get in the way of God’s agenda!

As couples or husbands and wives, we have been ordained to be together. If things start to go wrong, don’t blame each other. Turn to God and seek His guidance. Allow more of Him to be in our lives and let us be filled with the Holy Spirit.


Family Focus – Part One – Singleness

7th February 2016 | Tope Olukemi

Today we are starting a new mini series, which is looking at issues that affect Christian families. Tope explains that for various reasons, we have all been, or are, single. This fact makes his message relevant to all of us today.

We can sometimes feel pressured by our friends and families if we are single. Tope asks “What does the Bible say about singleness?” He reads from 1 Corinthians 1:7 where Paul is trying to enlighten the church at Corinth.
Being single can be a good thing (even if we may have other ideas!)
We have only to look at Jesus. He was single and He was perfect! Remember, He was fully human, so would have felt all the same feelings and emotions as us.

Paul says that a single person has more freedom to serve God, as they have less distractions. We are reminded that for those of us that stay single all our lives (for whatever reason) will not be single in heaven. We will be the bride of Christ and be in complete union with Him.


CCCH – Our Vision – Part Four

31st January 2016 | David Bareham

Still on our mini series that opens up our vision for CCCH, David reads from Matthew 25:31 as we look today at ‘Salvation’ and what it means to us to see people saved.

He starts by giving us an insight as to what to expect from our teachings this year. He then shares a story from Adrian Holloway. Many of you would have seen him speak in the past at our church. This story sets the scene for David’s message.

We live in a broken world and it is our duty (as given from God) to witness to those that don’t know Jesus.
David gives us some stark realities about heaven and hell and as a foretaste of the series of teachings about witnessing, he gives us some practical advice as to what we can do now. He reads us an amazing story from a 125 year old book that involves the Salvation Army and how a man was saved.
We may never be able to share such a story of how we saved someone – but we have to do what we can to spread the Word, and with God’s grace – we will be able to save the lost.


CCCH – Our Vision – Part Three

24th January 2016 | Malcolm Sullivan

In this, the third part of our series looking at “Our Vision for CCCH”, Malcolm reads from Acts 19. The theme of today’s message is “Transformation”

Malcolm starts by reminding us as to what defines being a Christian is and how we are transformed / reborn again when we commit to follow Him.
We must strive to be more like Jesus and we must change our habits and our mindset.

Malcolm asks, “What weapons are we using to fight Satan?” We can be comforted in knowing that God will give us everything we need and that we must allow the Holy Spirit to enter our lives. He finishes his message by giving us practical advice  on how to rid ourselves of the things that may be holding us back.

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