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1 Timothy – Part Three

9th October 2016 | Tope Olukemi

Tope continues our look into 1 Timothy and the title of today’s teaching is “Purposeful Prayer”

As we heard at the beginning of this series, Paul was writing to the church in Ephesus. He was advising them on how they should conduct themselves in all things, particularly, in prayer. That is no less relevant to us now as it was back then.

If we are to be a pillar in our church and in our community, our first priority has to be prayer. Yes, there are other things we do as a church that are important, but, prayer must be the centre of everything. Paul says we must pray without exception for all people. Tope expands upon that and gives us some examples that we may come across during our lives.

Tope asks “Why do we pray?” – Of course there are many reasons why we should pray and he looks deeper into Paul’s word to reveal some answers.


1 Timothy – Part Two

2nd October 2016 | David Bareham

David continues with our series looking at 1 Timothy and his message today is jam packed with information regarding “Apostles, Elders and Deacons”

I could never summarise it all here without missing something out! So with that in mind, hang on to your hats and listen to the main points David brings us:-

– The eight marks of being an Apostle
– Working as a team
– What it means to be part of New Frontiers
– What is an Elder and what is their function?
– FAQ’s regarding Elders
– What is a Deacon?



1 Timothy – Part One – Introduction

25th September 2016 | Malcolm Sullivan

Today we start a new series which will take us into the Christmas period. We are looking at the book of 1 Timothy.

Malcolm brings us the introduction to this series and also encourages us to read the book once a week as this will help imprint the teaching into our minds. This book is from the letters that the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy at the church in Ephesus. Malcolm also gives us a little bit of historical information about when this book was written so that we have a clearer picture of the events happening at the time.

So, sit down, make notes if you want too as I’m sure this is going to be an interesting series.


Focus Sunday – Gareth Davies

18th September 2016 | Gareth Davies

As today is one of our Focus Sundays, we have a guest speaker, Gareth Davies, from an organisation called ‘CARE’. Before starting his message, Gareth tells us about what ‘CARE’ are and what they do.

He then reads from Amos 2 and we are given more of an insight as to who Amos was and what he did. To help explain his message, Gareth shows us a map and tells us some of the political history in and around Israel and Judah at the time. He then breaks down the reading and shows us how it is relative to life today. The startling fact is that what we hear about in this passage, is still going on today.

Gareth reminds us that outside of our church walls, it is not hopeless “Out There”….we can help by getting involved and sharing our voice. We must not be scared…God will always be there to help us!

To find out more about his organisation, follow this link to their website CARE


Prayer and Witness

11th September 2016 | David Bareham

Before starting his message today, David brings us a couple of points that are relevant to church and we are asked to consider prayerfully.

He then reads from Colossians 4 where we hear about instructions for prayer.

In our community of Chafford Hundred, the surrounding areas and beyond, there is a need for prayer. We are living in troubled times and the innocent and the oppressed people of this world need us to talk to God on their behalf. We must pray for change to come.

David also reminds us of the teaching we had in the “Sheep Fishing” series in an attempt to get us into the right mindset as to how Christians should appear out there in the real world. We are encouraged to make the most of every opportunity to meet with people and to share the Good News of Jesus.


Romans 8 – Part Four

21st August 2016 | David Bareham

In this, the last of our look at Romans 8, David’s theme is ‘Love and Life’. He reads from verse 28 and before delving into today’s word he references some teaching by John Stott whereby from these passages are derived:- ‘Five Unshakable Convictions’, ‘Five Affirmations’ and ‘Five Questions’

David gets quite passionate as he unpacks the three ‘Fives’ and quite rightly too. If his message today doesn’t show that God is with us…I don’t think anything will

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