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God’s Calling

5th July 2015 | Wojtek Trybek

Today we have a good friend of ours at Community Church, Chafford Hundred. He is pastor Wojtek Trybek, from Gizycko in Poland. We have partnered with them for many years and it is a pleasure to have him bring us the message today.

His word today is a very simple one as he reads from Romans 8 verses 30 and 32. He then shares what is in his heart about those two verses.
He also shares of his experiences of working in Uganda with orphaned children and although they have nothing (materially)…they have everything (spiritually). He says that it can be quite humbling to see the joy these children have because all they rely on is God’s love and grace.

Wojtek’s work as a pastor hasn’t always been easy but he says that it was God’s calling, so he had to obey and he says that no matter what our education or our background may be, with God’s grace, we can answer that call. We are predestined to be with God…..so as was discussed in my Life Group last night….we have to ‘Pray and Obey’


Jesus, His Church and You

28th June 2015 | Peter Vincent

Our message today is brought to us by a familiar face from Community Church Bishops Stortford, Peter Vincent. He also appoints two new elders to our church, Tolu and Joseph.

Peter reads from Luke 4:14-21 and teaches us as to what Jesus’ and our mission is. Which is to go and make disciples. As we have heard many times, Jesus came to earth to set us free. He has made it easy for us to be reconciled with Him.
Some Christians that are out there ‘in the crowd’ may say that they do not need to be in church. Peter explains that we can’t be part of God’s church on our own. We have to belong to the body and we must open up the doors of our church and our lives and allow Him in as ‘the boss’…as our Lord.

God has a plan for all of us and Peter makes a poignant statement that we must not reach the end of our lives without fulfilling that mission…His plan for us. He (Peter) then makes a call to the congregation for those that are out there in the crowd, to come in so he can pray for them.

Peter concludes his message by appointing the new elders as our congregation prays for them.


Fathers Day Service – He Delights in Me

21st June 2015 | David Bareham

David starts his message today with a lighthearted celebration of ‘Fathers Day’…. He continues by saying that all he would love to say today is “Be like our Father in Heaven” and the message would be over…..but as is his style…..David looks deeper into what being a father is!

Sometimes we may think that as fathers, we don’t measure up to God’s qualities and we can feel guilty. But, His love is unconditional and He will forgive us if we turn to Him, for He delights in us.

We read in scripture that king David was a man of God, but even he had failings, which (Pastor) David points out to us. This reinforces the fact that our sin does not disqualify us from the love of God. Also as David says, our children may not always come up to our expectations…but we are to love them…as God loves us.



Citizens of Heaven – Part Six – Partnership for the Kingdom

14th June 2015 | Malcolm Sullivan

In the penultimate message in this series, Malcolm reads from Philippians 1:1 about the importance of partnership.

He then goes on to list a few of the organisations that, as a church, we partner with and also gives a summary of how we help. As part of our mission statement, we are encouraged to be ‘Passionately Involved Disciples’. Involvement and partnership are closely linked and Malcolm asks “Who are you personally partnering with?”
He tells us not to just sit back and take it easy…..We are to get involved in God’s Kingdom and partner with Him…..and exciting things will happen!


Citizens of Heaven – Part Five – Kingdom Life Choices

7th June 2015 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm reads from Philippians 2:5-8 as he looks at our life choices. Quite often we make choices without first consulting God and that can take us down a path that is not what He has planned for us.
Firstly Malcolm gives us a list of choices of what Jesus made, which ultimately, led to to Him dying on the cross so that we can be saved and become ‘Citizens of Heaven’
As many of us know, Jesus told parables (stories) to help people understand what He was teaching. The parable of the 10 virgins shows us that half of them chose to sleep and weren’t ready to re-light the lamps. They weren’t ready. Malcolm asks “If we make the wrong choice, will we be ready?”

Malcolm then gives us some of the choices we make in our lives, but we have to make certain they are ‘Kingdom Choices’…….He raises some interesting points!
He finishes by sharing a story that brings home the consequences of a person that unknowingly, had made a wrong choice!


Citizens of Heaven – Part Four – Joyful Citizens

31st May 2015 | Tope Olukemi

As we return to our teaching series, Tope asks, “What does joy mean to us as Citizens of Heaven?”
He starts with a lighthearted look at some images from yesterday’s football F.A. Cup Final to show us the faces of joy and sadness. He tells us that we shouldn’t let the happenings in our daily lives dictate our emotions and how we feel. Being a citizen of heaven is all we need as God wants us to have constant joy.
Sometimes though, it is impossible to be filled with joy and Tope reads from Philippians Chapter 4 to remind us of what Paul says, “Rejoice always in the Lord”…When we think about God’s word and the truths that are in scripture, we have lots to rejoice about! Having the Holy Spirit in our lives, produces joy.
We have heard many times that our Christian lives may not always be easy, but if we look to Jesus when we face these trials, that will help us focus on true joy.
Tope finishes with prayer to encourage us to rejoice…..always!

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