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Transforming and Shaping Cultures

29th March 2015 | Edward Buria

Our message is brought to us today by our guest speaker Edward Buria. He and his wife Fridah are here from Kenya and are part of the New Frontiers church there. They oversee more than 300 churches in Kenya and beyond. His word today starts by telling us of their early life in the church within a lawless village that was corrupt and full of crime.
He then goes on to give us (among others) four ways in which we can transform cultures and communities.

There is not enough space here and I cannot do justice in my words to Edward’s powerful and energetic message, so please….just listen!

I would also like to add that today’s sermon was filmed for Kenyan TV…..That is a first for Community Church Chafford Hundred



Our Statement of Faith – Part Seven – Serving

22nd March 2015 | Deb Hendrey

Deb starts her message today by reminding us of what church is and also gives us an insight into some of the words that Jesus used while He was teaching.
She follows by reading various scriptures that reinforce her message and then asks a very important question…..”How do we love?” Deb gives examples of how WE can love and how Jesus and God love.
She highlights some of the areas that we can serve…In our home, our community, the church and in the nations. I suspect that some of the congregation may have been challenged by this as we can sometimes not realise how much there is that needs to be done or that somebody else is already doing it. Her message brings us the reality of what it means to serve.
At the end of the day, it all comes back to LOVE……and to close, Deb reminds us of the Fruits of the Spirit and how we can use them.


Mothers Day – 15th March 2015

15th March 2015 | David Bareham

As today is our traditional Mother’s Day service our message is aimed at families as a whole. We can all take something away with us today as David brings us the story of the ‘Prodigal Son’
He reads from Luke 15:11 and then opens up this reading in a way that is easier to understand in today’s society.
So often, our children are influenced by what is around them and can be easily led astray. This message, clearly illustrates that.
David also shares his experience very recently when his own son came home from a long trip away on the other side of the world. It helps to emphasise how the father in this story would have felt on seeing his son return home.
David finishes with a prayer for all the mothers today and also a prayer for the church to have a heart for the lost. This parable that Jesus told tells us that we need to see the ‘lost’ found!

For those of you listening who missed today’s service, we had the traditional handing out of flowers to all the mothers. But David asked the children to say a few words as to ‘Why their mum is special’…..We just had to leave this in the recording……Awwwww!!


Our Statement of Faith – Part Six – Praise and Prayer

8th March 2015 | Granville Harris and Tolu Falase

Our message today is split into two parts and Malcolm introduces our speakers. Firstly, one of our worship leaders, Granville, talks about how we should show our praise and worship toward God. He says that if we belong to a church, we should know what that church is about and where it is heading. The series we are currently in is helping to show this, by opening up our Mission Statement.
There are three main points to Granville’s message and he reads from the gospels and looks at the different versions of the same story to show that there is so much to learn when we really get into God’s word. We are encouraged to be Extravagant, Vibrant and Passionate in our worship. He also show’s us a ‘tongue in cheek’ video of how some people view the modern, vibrant church.

Tolu follows on from Granville by looking at prayer. He starts by giving us an overview of what praying is and how that fits in with our Mission Statement.
God is calling us for prayer every day and we are to respond to that so that we can be lifted from our life in the flesh. Through prayer, we gain access to a life in the Spirit.
He shows us a diagram of prayer ‘layers’ and how that enables us to act upon the different areas in ours and other people’s lives and how situations can be turned around. We need structure in our prayer life and Tolu shows us a recommended list of things to pray for and how to pray. He also shows us things to avoid praying for!
He finishes by telling us where we have our weekly and monthly prayer meetings. There is always a spot that will suit our busy lives!


Our Statement of Faith – Part Five – The Bible

1st March 2015 | Joachim Adenusi

Joachim starts his message today by summarising our series so far, about our Mission Statement and “What do we believe”? He gives a passionate expression of how he sees the world right now and how corrupt man has made the planet we live on. His message today reinforces the need as to why we have to concentrate on God’s word.
Joachim then asks the congregation for some examples of the various themes that run through the bible. He light-heartedly pushes for some of the less obvious answers!
He gives us some good practical advice as to how we can read the bible in our busy lives. We have many options in this digital age, there is really no excuse!
Joachim uses a bottle of coke and a bottle of water to give a demonstration of how God’s word can become diluted and become less pure with what we see and hear from the media and he finishes with a passionate plea for us to continue to dedicate our lives to Christ and to read the Word.


Our Statement of Faith – Part Four – Man

22nd February 2015 | David Bareham

David tackles a very awkward subject today when he teaches us how we, “Mankind”, have disrupted God’s plan for this world. He takes us back to Genesis where he discusses the fall of man, but, reveals that sin was already there in the form of the serpent, before Adam and Eve were deceived. David gives an in depth look at how the first sin had entered the world. We also hear how Adam and Eve were given the task to subdue the earth which gives us further clues that evil had already infiltrated His perfect world.
David plays us a controversial video clip from the Irish TV channel RTE in which Steven Fry is asked the question of what he would say to God if he were to meet Him. I have removed the actual response that Steven gave from this recording as I thought it best to leave the decision to you, the listener, as to whether you want to hear it. The link to the interview is below.
Although Adam and Eve never carried out the task that God had set them, we now know that Jesus came to earth as a man, to complete it and is continuing to work here, in our lives every day.

Go here to view the interview with Steven Fry on God

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