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Redemption – Part Six

22nd November 2015 | Tope Olukemi

Today, Tope looks at Exodus 32 as he brings his message entitled ‘Get Rid of Your Idols’……

The people of Israel had previously committed to the covenant brought down by Moses from God. At some point later, they began to doubt what Moses had told them and they started to form their own idols to worship. They hadn’t really, truly committed to God and were looking back to the idols they had come to know in Egypt.
Tope then goes on to explain how this situation is relevant to us today.

Idol worship is having love for the wrong kind of thing and not God.

Tope asks….’ Who do we turn too when things aren’t going ‘Our Way?’…..’How do we handle our own money that God has given us stewardship over?’
Idols aren’t just physical objects. They can be feelings, emotions, desires etc and can enter our lives in subtle ways and steer us away from God.
When He reveals our idolatry to us, we must acknowledge that and turn to Jesus for redemption.


Guest Speaker – Adrian Holloway – Sharing the Good News

15th November 2015 | Adrian Holloway

To start his message, Adrian shares a story of mistaken identity on a tube journey in London, which relates to his teaching today.
He continues with giving us ‘Five Benefits of Sharing the Good News’ with others.

In Adrian’s usual style, he uses real life stories that we can all relate too, to bring us a clear understanding of his message.
He tells us that we are ambassadors of God and we will have His full backing when we are carrying out His work. We have been sent into this world to spread the Word, and as we share, God will do His part to help us to accomplish His great commission and we should rejoice in the fact that we are part of that plan.


Redemption – Part Five

8th November 2015 | Malcolm Sullivan

As he opens his message, Malcolm reads from Exodus 19 and 20. He then gives a brief definition of what the word ‘Covenant’ means and then shares the experience of when he and Sandra took their wedding vows.
This helps to set the scene of his message today and shows how important it is for both sides to honour the covenant….or ‘Deal’

As Malcolm reads out the Ten Commandments, listen carefully to the terms “Shall Not” and “Don’t”, as this is a very interesting point.

As we have heard many times, we, as humans, sometimes get things wrong. But if we are committed to God, when Jesus looks into our hearts, he can see that we are trying to uphold our part of His covenant.

We are also reminded that we must not let the fire and the passion we had when we first met with Jesus, die down. We have to re-kindle that emotion.


Redemption – Part Four

1st November 2015 | Deborah Hendrey

We continue our series looking at Exodus and today Deb takes time out from her busy schedule to bring us the message entitled ‘Our Daily Bread’. Before starting, she recommends a book that would accompany this series and help to bring it all together.
She first recaps where we are so far and then reads from Exodus 16, and as she reads, Deb gives us some questions to think about. She then leads into five definitions of the key points and the emotions that the Israelites were going through at the time. They certainly weren’t happy with their situation and were losing their trust in God!

Deb finishes by reminding us that after hearing all the turmoil the Israelites were going through, if we turn to Jesus, He will satisfy our needs.


Guest Speaker – Alastair Windus – A Transformed Life

25th October 2015 | Alastair Windus

We see the welcome return (for the day) of one of our elders, Alastair Windus, from Community Church who left us a year ago to plant a church in Tenterden, Kent. Before getting into his message, he shares some news of how things have changed since leaving Chafford Hundred.
His sermon today is based around the letters Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus and how he was telling them to get back to the basics of the Christian faith. He reminds them of what Jesus had done for them.

As he reads from Ephesians Chapter 1, he concentrates on four truths that come out of this passage and tells us that we need to look at what we read from different vantage points to fully understand what we are being taught. This passage shows us four transformations of where Jesus has taken us from, to where he is leading us now.
One highlight is that the first death recorded in scripture is that of an animal, so that Adam and Eve could use the skin to cover themselves after they had sinned. So, even at the beginning of the Bible, we learn what is to come….’The death of Jesus for OUR sins!’

Alastair finishes by asking “Why should God forgive us for all the wrong we may have done?”
The answer is simple…..There is nothing we need to do, apart from accept Him as our saviour and His love, mercy and grace will do the rest.


Redemption – Part Three

18th October 2015 | Joachim Adenusi

We see a welcome return today of Joachim as he brings us part three of our series looking at Exodus. The theme of the message is ‘A New Creation’
He starts by recapping the two previous weeks, then reads a passage from John 3, that raises some interesting points.
He asks..”Why do we come to church on Sunday? Have we developed a habit? Are we wasting our time?”
He continues by reading from Exodus 14. Joachim then shares his view of what he thought Christians were before he made his commitment (They weren’t cool or trendy and didn’t listen to the singer Grace Jones!!)

He then asks..”What does this all mean for me?”
He tells us that, our old life has gone. We have to learn to live a new life, listening too and following a new master. We are set free to live our new life in Christ. As a new creature (a new creation) we have a mission.
In the western world, we try and make sense of God’s plan. We will NEVER see the full glory unless we accept in faith what He has in store for us!

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