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Life in the Spirit – Part Two – 2 of 2

5th March 2017 | David Bareham

David carries on from where Tope left off last week with the second of the two part message subtitled “What does the Holy Spirit do?”

He starts by sharing a reading from the prayer meeting earlier this morning that encourages us to turn our lives around and to follow Jesus. We then hear a short word from a member of our congregation, Jonathan, that is relevant to what David teaches today.

He reads from Romans 8 and follows with five key points and looks at each one in turn in greater detail. One thing that stood out for me was the fact that although there are many church denominations, as long as Jesus is at the core and is seen as the saviour of the world, we are all one big family. We are not individuals. Yes, we may do things differently and wear different clothes etc. but as we heard last week, we are all part of the bigger family of God.

In his closing words, David emphasises how important it is for us to share the glory of being a follower and a friend of Jesus.


Life in the Spirit – Part Two – 1 of 2

26th February 2017 | Tope Olukemi

Tope continues with our new series looking at “Life in the Spirit” and his message today is the first of two parts. The subtitle today is “What does the Holy Spirit do?”

First and foremost, the Holy Spirit brings us a new life (as mentioned in John 3) He lives inside of us if we have accepted Jesus into our lives. We could ask the question “What impact does the Holy Spirit have if it lives inside of us?” But think about this….We have been adopted (taken from our old life) into the new family of God. What a privilege that is for us…..To be taken in by the creator of the universe! We are His “Sons and Daughters” How do we respond to this fact?

Tope gives us some interesting answers that some of us may not have thought of before.


Guest Speaker – Mike Betts

12th February 2017 | Mike Betts

We welcome back our good friend Mike Betts from the Relational Mission group of churches to give us our message today. We are continuing with the theme of the “Life in the Spirit” and among other things, he talks about Corporate Prayer,

You will hear that during his message the fire alarm goes off and we had to evacuate the building. But by God’s grace, Mike was able to get back into what he was saying as if nothing had happened!

He is as enthusiastic as ever and he says that an important part of who we are as Christians is how we communicate the fact that we indeed, do follow Jesus. We must get the Word out there.
Many people in the secular world do not know what church is about, let alone know what family is. It is our job to tell them. We are also encouraged to pray more, especially corporately. We mustn’t worry that we may feel we don’t know what to say or that we can’t pray. God likes to hear our voice….so, let it out!

Mike finishes with an appeal for the cause “Grassroots Giving”. The Relational Mission church is all about church planting and we can help by giving just a small amount each month. For more information and to see how you can support this amazing project LOOK HERE


Life in the Spirit – Part One

5th February 2017 | Malcolm Sullivan

Today we start a new series and it is subtitled “Who is the Holy Spirit – Part One”. Malcolm reads from John 14:15-31.

When Jesus knew that His time here on earth was done, He said that He would send another “comforter”. He was of course talking about the Holy Spirit. That allowed the presence of Jesus to be anywhere and everywhere without the limitations of a physical body.

Malcolm goes on to explain the “Godhead” and in some detail, we are reminded that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are fully one. To help explain his message Malcolm uses some other names that the Holy Spirit can be likened too. They are names attributed to the human form, which we can all relate too.


Corporate Prayer

29th January 2017 | David Bareham

Hello and welcome back after a short break due to Christmas and to the church sharing it’s vision with the congregation. David finishes our little mini-break by looking at “Corporate Prayer”. His reference today is from Acts 2:42.

He starts by reminding us of the fact that (unfortunately) the secular world does not understand Christians very well and may look at us strangely because we pray to our “invisible friend” (God) – We must remember that Jesus prayed to His Father God every day – We must continue to do the same.
In Romans 8:26 Jesus says that He hears us saying that sometimes we don’t know what to pray for or that we run out of words. Jesus tells us not to worry as the Holy Spirit will intercede for us.

David gives us a short list of what defines prayer and why it is important to pray together. He shares a light hearted example of one of his own experiences. He closes by showing us what our own prayer regime is at church and encourages us to join in.


Advent 2016 – Part Two

11th December 2016 | David Bareham

David gives a passionate, heart felt message this morning as we continue our Advent series. The theme for today is “The Kingship of Jesus” and he reads from Isaiah 9.

For us as Christians the birth of Jesus has to be central to all that we are and we must recognise the fact that this event in our history was life changing. Before delving deeper into his message, David shares a news article he saw in the week which shows how much importance is placed upon “Santa Claus / Father Christmas” at this time of year. It is a sad fact that “Santa” has taken priority over the real meaning of Christmas…and that is Jesus!

We then go on a whistle stop tour of the Bible from Genesis in the Old Testament, to Luke in the New Testament and finishing up in Revelation. We hear of the prophecies foretelling the arrival of Jesus the King, the fulfilling of those prophecies and what is still yet to come.

He finishes by asking “What does all this mean for us?”….. and tells us some of the harsh realities of what is happening in the world today!



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