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Sheep Fishing – Part Five

29th May 2016 | Tope Olukemi

During Tope’s introduction to his message, he reminds us of part our church mission statement, as we are talking about ‘Serving’ today. He then reads from Matthew 5:13-16 in which Jesus says, ‘If we serve Him, we are ALL the salt of the earth and the light of the world’

Tope says that it is not right for us to come to church on a Sunday and have our ‘Holy Huddles’….We must go out there, into the world and let our flavour flow and our light shine. Christ expects us to go out there and to do good works, but we have to look for those opportunities and God will bring us the needy.

Tope brings us three main points in his message – Who, When and How do we serve? He then shows us a short summary of ways in which we can help out in the community and he encourages us to help wherever we can. Don’t ignore that calling and think that ‘someone else’ will do it! Step out in faith and God will help to meet those needs.

In closing, he gives us a comparison list (which is quite thought provoking) of the difference between ‘Self Righteous Service’ and ‘True Service’


Sheep Fishing – Part Four

22nd May 2016 | David Bareham

David starts his message today by re-iterating a word we had from Mike Bollinger last year. It has been noted previously that this word was the inspiration for this new series.

David brings us a very upbeat, uplifting (sometimes humorous) and encouraging message which is all about “Smiling”. His reading is from Luke 10:5-6

It has four main points and they are that:- Smiling is Simple, it is Powerful, it is Releasing and Smiling has to start with Our Peace.
God will give us opportunities (at the school gates, in the office, at the coffee shop etc) and we are to use that opportunity to make that first connection.

The only thing I can add to David’s word is that he encourages us to go out this week and smile and say “Hello” to someone that we would not do to normally. I say, “Don’t stop at this week, do it next week…..the week after…..and every week!!”


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Sheep Fishing – Part Three

15th May 2016 | Malcolm Sullivan

Today is Pentecost Sunday and Malcolm’s message ties in with what the celebration is centered around…..the outworking of the Holy Spirit.

To help illustrate his message, Malcolm shows us some slides of ships, boats and a church and we are encouraged to interact with him with regard to what powers these three things. We all know that the church is not a building, it is the people inside……but he asks “What powers us”? If it is the Holy Spirit that is empowering the church and us, it will be victorious.
But as Malcolm states, people in the secular world, will be watching us. With the Holy Spirit within us, we are less likely to make mistakes.

He also states that for us, as Christians, it is sad that we have to witness things going on around us (that is against what is written in the Bible) that are totally legal…simply because our government has ordained it!

Malcolm finishes by looking at what is the objective of the Holy Spirit and how we can see or hear it’s outworkings.


Let’s Go!

1st May 2016 | David Bareham

Today at CCCH, we should of had Edward Buria over from Kenya to bring us the message. Unfortunately, he and his wife Freda, were unable to make the trip. David reads a touching email from Edward and asks us as a church to pray. As some of you would have heard him speak the last time he was here, I thought it appropriate to leave David’s introduction and call to prayer in at the beginning of today’s message. It is a reminder of how the enemy is always at work to try and de-rail us from what God has planned for us. Please continue to pray for Edward, Freda and their team.

David goes on to read the story of Jonathan and his armour bearer from 1 Samuel:14 and the theme of his message is about responding to the calling that God has given us. We have to open our ears and our hearts and listen to what He wants us to do.
For most of us, that will take us out of our comfort zone, but if we are committed to Him, that is what we must do.

What has God said to you?….If you have heard His voice (correctly) you can be assured that He will be with you….watching your back!

When we hear stories of victories won, it should encourage us to go out, into battle. God will give us our victory!


Sheep Fishing – Part Two

24th April 2016 | David Bareham

As we continue with our new series, David first shares a prophetic word given to us by Mike Bolinger last year. From that word, this was the inspiration to create this new series.

David reads from Mark 1:14 and in this well known reading, there is a call from Jesus to the fisherman to follow Him. That call is still going out today!

If we are going to commit to follow Jesus, it has to be on His terms. David tells us that it is not like following someone on Facebook….where we only check in a couple of times a week. It has to be full on, with all our heart and soul. We don’t have to be ‘special people’. Jesus has given us the power to be ‘Fishers of Men’

Jesus called the fisherman to leave their nets and to follow Him. David uses that statement as an analogy for us today. We are to leave the things behind that are of this world and follow Him with all our heart, we must be obedient.


Guest Speaker – Mike Betts – Journeys

17th April 2016 | Mike Betts

We welcome back today, Mike Betts, from the New Frontiers church in Lowestoft. Many of you would have seen and heard Mike speak before, so you will know that his messages are always ‘jam packed’ with thought provoking comments and hard hitting truths.

He reads from Exodus today and picks out key points about the Israelite’s journey out of Egypt. We also hear how important Joseph was at the time and as a way of describing God’s anointing, we hear the story of Aaron’s staff.

Every one of us is on a journey. It is the journey that God has given us and sometimes, if we feel like Aaron’s staff (a dead stick) we must look toward God and He will do miraculous things within us that will allow us to blossom and flourish and to do His works.
One of the main things that can derail His plan is if we have hard hearts. If we shut God out, we will just be wandering, in the wilderness, with no direction!


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