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1 Timothy – Part Six

6th November 2016 | Deb Hendrey

We welcome back Deb today who brings us the next part of 1 Timothy looking at what Paul says about “Social Support” for widows.

She starts by explaining in some detail of how important widows were to God and how He protected them. When Paul was writing to Timothy, the widows of that time were often struggling to survive, so Paul was laying down some guidelines of how they could be helped. It wasn’t just the church’s responsibility, it also fell upon the family as well.

Deb then brings us into the 21st century and says that although widows now don’t have to suffer the poverty as they did in Paul’s time, there is still a need for them to be protected. She shares her own story and gives us some very practical advise as to how we can all help.


1 Timothy – Part Five

30th October 2016 | Julian Fabian

We welcome today our own “in house” guest speaker, Julian. You will normally see him sitting behind the piano, leading worship but on this occasion he brings us a thought inspiring message as he continues our series looking at 1 Timothy. The theme today is “A New Testament Church”

Initially the reading seems to lay down some strong ‘rules’ which in today’s world, may seem to offend. But as Julian progresses through his teaching it becomes clear that Paul was saying these things because people had taken their focus off of Jesus and were effectively saying “Look at me!” This is not what Jesus wants. He wants us to remember who we are and to become more like Him.

Julian gives us a very practical explanation of what Paul was saying which should encourage us to do what Jesus asks. He (Julian) finishes with a reference to a story he shares earlier and it places a great mental image in our heads of “What we are meant to be!”


1 Timothy – Part Four

23rd October 2016 | David Bareham

David brings us a very important message today as part of our continued look at 1 Timothy and the theme is “False Teaching”

When Paul wrote to Timothy, he warned him of the wrong teachings that were going on at Ephesus. Among other things, people were being told what food they could or couldn’t eat (even though it was given by God for the people to enjoy) They were also being told that they shouldn’t marry. We must be very aware of any false teachings that may creep into our church lives and veer us off of the right path.

David gives us quite a few examples (some of which are quite worrying) of how we have to be on our guard. He says that there is division out there in the wider church as to who and what Jesus was!

How do we avoid false teaching?…………We have to ground ourselves in the Word of God. We can still be relevant in today’s modern world, but we must NOT change His Word!


International Day – The Kingdom of God

16th October 2016 | David Bareham

As you can see from the title, we are taking a one week break from 1 Timothy. Today is a very special day for us at CCCH where we celebrate the diversity of cultures (25 and counting!) within our congregation.
It is a day of joy and happiness, with plenty of ‘lively’ music and much dancing….(Even if you are English, it would have been hard not to move just a little bit)


If you weren’t able to make it, please attend next year as you will enjoy the day….Especially the amazing food that was served afterward!!

David reads from Revelation 7:9 where we get to see what the Kingdom of God is like. It is a fantastic place and one that we shouldn’t be afraid of going too. David believes that we are at the next phase of of what God wants us to do here on earth to prepare the way for the new Kingdom. He refers to a passage in Genesis where we can see that God had this planned for us, from the beginning of time.

David finishes by listing 10 points (very passionately) about how we should be and what to expect when we enter into God’s Kingdom.


1 Timothy – Part Three

9th October 2016 | Tope Olukemi

Tope continues our look into 1 Timothy and the title of today’s teaching is “Purposeful Prayer”

As we heard at the beginning of this series, Paul was writing to the church in Ephesus. He was advising them on how they should conduct themselves in all things, particularly, in prayer. That is no less relevant to us now as it was back then.

If we are to be a pillar in our church and in our community, our first priority has to be prayer. Yes, there are other things we do as a church that are important, but, prayer must be the centre of everything. Paul says we must pray without exception for all people. Tope expands upon that and gives us some examples that we may come across during our lives.

Tope asks “Why do we pray?” – Of course there are many reasons why we should pray and he looks deeper into Paul’s word to reveal some answers.


1 Timothy – Part Two

2nd October 2016 | David Bareham

David continues with our series looking at 1 Timothy and his message today is jam packed with information regarding “Apostles, Elders and Deacons”

I could never summarise it all here without missing something out! So with that in mind, hang on to your hats and listen to the main points David brings us:-

– The eight marks of being an Apostle
– Working as a team
– What it means to be part of New Frontiers
– What is an Elder and what is their function?
– FAQ’s regarding Elders
– What is a Deacon?


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