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There is only one Gospel Part 8 of 10

18th November 2018 | David Bareham

David brings us the 8th part in our series – There is Only One Gospel

There is Freedom in the Gospel
This is the freedom with which Christ has set us free and to which we are called
We are to stand firm in it, neither relapsing into slavery on the one hand, nor falling in to licence on the other!


There is only one Gospel Part 7

11th November 2018 | Carlton Walters

In the 7th part of our Galatians series we looked at Galatians 4:8-20

Carlton reminded us that our joy does not come from external factors but from the knowledge of the gospel, we are also encouraged to be aware of false teachers/teachings.


There is only one Gospel Part 4 of 10

23rd October 2018 | David Bareham

Do Not Compromise the Gospel

This week we look at Galatians 2:11-21

We first looked at how Paul challenged Peter about his behaviour and how he felt it compromised the Gospel. We were encouraged to look at our behaviour to see if anything that we do compromises the Gospel.

We then move on to look at how we are justified by faith and not works.


There is only one Gospel Part 3 of 10

11th October 2018 | Carlton Walters

A Gospel for All People

This week Carlton looks at Galatians 2:1-10 and reminded us that we should always remember that Jesus is enough, that we shouldn’t need to add to or take away anything from the Gospel message. That the Gospel is for ALL people, not just those we feel comfortable talking to. And finally, that once we have accepted the Gospel, it should make an impact on our lives and there should be some physical evidence in our lives that others can see.


There is only one Gospel part 2 of 10

2nd October 2018 | Tolu Falase

Tolu takes us through the second in our series of Galatians – There is Only One Gospel

A Life Changing Gospel

We look at how Paul’s life changed when he met with Jesus and were encouraged to look at our lives and how we could tell ‘our story’ using the following model….

Before I met Jesus I was………….. & ………….
When I met Jesus I became ………………. & …………….
Now I know Jesus I am …………….. & …………..



There is only one Gospel – Part 1 of 10

23rd September 2018 | David Bareham

David brought us the first part of our new series – Galatians – There is Only One Gospel

This week we heard that Paul starts Galatians with a summary of the gospel (1:1-5), then continues to defend this message against false teaching (1:6-4:31), and finally demonstrates what it is like to live in the gospel (5:1-6:18).

It would be good to continually refresh our minds on the pure gospel of 1:1-5 each week.

  • Jesus died for our sins
  • Jesus died to rescue us from this present age
  • Jesus came back to life
  • All according to the will of the Father
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