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The “I AM” Series – Part Two

1st October 2017 | David Bareham

After a quick re-cap of last week, David introduces this week’s message entitled, “I AM The Light of the World” which is the second part of our new series. He breaks today’s teaching down into three main points.

If you have been a Christian for a while, you will know that Jesus was having a very tough time convincing the Jewish leaders of who He was. At the time, there was plenty of evidence to say who He really was but all they wanted to do, was shut Him up or worse still…..kill Him!

For those of us that follow Jesus with all our hearts we have the privilege of also being the light of the world. People will see that we are different and that we lead different lives and as we have heard many times, we are to go out in the world and let that light shine and be “Fishers of Men”


The “I AM” Series – Part One

24th September 2017 | Tolu Falase

Tolu starts off our new series today which looks at the various ways in which Jesus used the term “I Am”. The subtitle for today is “I Am the Bread of Life”. We hear that Jesus asked His disciples “Who does man think I am?” and then Tolu reads various passages from John that shows Jesus’ response. There are three revelations that come out of today’s message, 1) A declaration and affirmation of who He is. – 2) The seal. – 3) A revelation of who He is.

It is a sad fact of the modern world that for some of us, the more we have, the more we want. We are never satisfied and whilst Tolu raises this issue, there is still hope. We are reminded that the “bread” in the title of this message, is the bread that satisfies. Jesus is the bread of life!


A Message from the ELAM Organisation

17th September 2017 | Chrissy Parkes

Today we hear from the Christian organisation “ELAM”. Their work is with persecuted Iranians that have given their lives to Jesus. We are given a short history lesson to help us understand how the Christian movement in Iran, got to be the way it is today.

This message proves how strong the word of God is and how Jesus can manifest Himself in people’s lives that would normally not get the chance to hear about Him, let alone follow Him!

If you would like to learn more about ELAM’s work CLICK HERE


God’s Mission from Genesis to Revelation

10th September 2017 | Tolu Falase

As we are in between series, Tolu brings us a message subtitled “The Multiplication Mandate”, that helps to remind us and reinforce what God’s plan is for this world. After asking the question “Why did God only create one man” we hear a very interesting answer.

God so wanted this world to be perfect but almost straight away, sin had entered into it because Adam and Eve were deceived. This disappointed God as He could see the corruption that the devil had bought in. We all know the story of Noah and the Great Flood and this was God’s attempt at starting again……but unfortunately, history has repeated itself!

Tolu encourages us to remember what God had planned for us and His creation and to pay that forward by multiplying from what is the perfect source. We then hear a testimony from one of our Alpha Course attendees which Deb ties in with Tolu’s message


Relational Mission Book – A Compass But No Map – 7 of 7

27th August 2017 | David Bareham

We are now at the end of this series and David brings us a very interesting message using a compass and a map to illustrate what he wants to teach us. He reads from Numbers 9:15-23 and Hebrews 12:1-3. Like last week, David uses some of our children in a couple of fun games which remind us of something that we have all played at some time and also how important it is to use a map correctly. These points link in very nicely later on with what he has to say.

During our lives, we will find that that we have been given different maps to follow. But eventually, we (as Christians) will all end up at the same destination. David makes a strong point at the end of today by warning our children and youth that they shouldn’t follow peer pressure to do what is “not right by Christ” as this could lead them down a very dangerous path!


Relational Mission Book – Starting New Families – 6 of 7

20th August 2017 | David Bareham

We are one week away from drawing this series to a close and today David teaches on a subject that I know is dear to his heart. I have been a part of this church from the beginning and have seen it grow over the years. Church planting is true to scripture and is just one way of spreading the Word of God.

David reads from Philippians 2:5-11 and we hear three key points with quotes from various sources to help us understand his message. We then hear from the children as to what their idea of church is. This is just another illustration of what church planting is and how we can go out and spread the Word.

I like David’s use of an acorn to help make a point…….but you’ll have to listen to the end for that!

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