Growing in God – foundations



We run the foundations course by John Groves for new Christians which includes:


A new course is starting on Sunday 3rd February

18:00 at The Beacon Centre, Drake Road, Chafford Hundred, RM16 6RW


Personal Foundations                  What do I believe?
Laying solid foundations for the Christian life

A New Creation                             What has happened to me?
What does it mean to belong to Jesus Christ?

Kingdom Life                                  What is ‘the kingdom of God’?
What does it mean for my life, my family, my work?

Kingdom Warfare                          If I am in a battle, who am I fighting?
What does it mean to have ‘victory in Jesus’?

Jesus is Building His Church       What is the Church?
Where do I fit in to it?

Belonging to a Church                  What makes a healthy church?

Sharing Your faith                         How can I tell others about Christ?


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