Father’s Day 2016

June 20th, 2016 | By Sharon Bartels

We had a great time celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday.

Our youth team did a marvellous job in leading our service and showing how talented our youth are in worship, drama & speaking.

They reminded us what a good father God is with a performance of ‘The Prodigal Daughter’. Worship that reminded us of the Father’s love and testimonies about father figures.

Fisayo Alasi as performed a spoken word –

XY Heritage

The master, responsible for 50% of my DNA
All the way from my first breath up to now
I ask how, a man who walks as I walk
Talks as I talk
Was able to climb up the beanstalk to recover experience
Mysterious is the XY I look to
I say XY because one chromosome is a little longer than the other on the pair of the 23rd
Sometimes I feel like because of that I’m a little stronger, withstanding many burns
Many learn off of their fathers
Hereafter, I have to be grateful
I wonder what it takes for a man to raise a man like me
And two more boys, that’s three
For all the trouble we give he still sees the bigger picture
But if we resort to scripture
We see a father to all fathers whose might scales off the Richter
Because like scales, I’m fishing for answers
Looking for a happily ever after
Hoping for a happily ever father
Who’ll give me happily ever laughter
And will be a happily ever planter
Of the seeds of my future
See, I wonder if I was to look back to the future
Would I be proud of the man who held my hand since I was a child
Whilst he would listen to my pains
Cover for my shames
Take the bullet heading my way instead of switching lanes
The answer seems obvious
But a simple yes doesn’t do it justice
Even when his joints become rusted
He’ll still keep his substance
He would have adjusted to make room for me
So it’s only right that I be there in his time of need
See, let’s take the alphabet
No let me switch that up, I bet the alpha male stood in front of me
Is the perfect example of what a father is supposed to be
If anyone wants to challenge me,
I’ll be happy to chat about it over a cup of coffee roundabout 3
Because I feel like there’s 3 roundabouts that lead
A man to raise a child, a daughter or a son.
Number one, when your child needs you to go that extra mile, do you walk, or do you run
Number two, when you’re child faces the troubles of the world, do you provide comfort, or do
you provide none
Number three, as your child makes the leap to adulthood, do you feel proud, or do you feel done?
Yes for me, my father passed all three, but really, the fact is there isn’t a fact about how fathers should be
While I look up to mine like he’s part of the stars,
There are others here who feel my words open their deep­lying scars
But who ever watched the Lion King will know what happens to scars
When the pride of the father shines a light over the dark
Because he lives in you, through the highs and the lows, he’s been with you
So it’s garbage in, garbage out, as I sit in front of a computer and type this out
The world hasn’t a clue what I’m writing about
We may be from the world, but not of the world
If we take the ‘of’, and switch it to answer who we are
We’ll realise we’re for the world
To pack up imperfections and see the changes
We have to duck the temptations we face
But if we’re ducks, my father’s a Drake
And when we’re done, nothing was the same
Although times are tense, my father tells me
The perfect present is to leave behind the imperfect world
And look to the future
That’s a heavenly legacy, that I’ll pass onto my children
But until then, I have a duty to learn the way of the Sensei
So say my sense says listen to your father
I listen attentively, treating him respectfully,
So thank you again father,
For making me the man that I’m meant to be

By Fisayo Alasi ©

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