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Sheep Fishing – Everyone a Witness

18th February 2018 | David Bareham

Continuing with our monthly look at the Sheep Fishing series, David brings us a taster of the “411 Training” and looks at the subject of “Who do I share my faith with?” He reads from Luke 10:1-11 and the brings us two main points to consider.

David tells us that each one of us is appointed, but Jesus sent His followers out in pairs. This was to allow them to support each other. We all know someone that isn’t a follower of Jesus and the first thing we can do is to start praying for them.

Jesus says we will be sent out like sheep among wolves. That may seem scary to us, but here in the UK, we have a lot of freedom. In other countries around the world, it is a different story, but Jesus’ followers aren’t put off from speaking to non-believers.


Five Ways to Bless Your Neighbour

26th November 2017 | David Bareham

After a couple of analogies where David talks about salt and light, we learn today that one of the most important things we can do before trying to “convert” our community and our neighbours is to bless them. He then follows with the five ways in which we can do that.

Whilst these are very easy and uncomplicated ways of blessing those around us, one of them may take some of you out of your comfort zone. We must pray about that. God will give us the words to say and the opportunities. Be prepared!


The “I AM” Series – Part Three

8th October 2017 | David Bareham

David continues with our series today with his message entitled “I AM the Gate for the Sheep”. He starts by giving us some interesting facts and statistics about the bible and then reads from John 10:1-10. As this passage mentions, the enemy is out there, waiting to pounce on us! We must be ready to repel the attack.

David uses the analogy of a sheep pen with many flocks and tells of how they are able to hear their own shepherd’s voice. They only listen for and respond too his. We must do the same and shut out those voices that may lead us astray………..We can only get to God through Jesus. He is the gate!


Sheep Fishing – Part Ten

10th July 2016 | David Bareham

In this, the last of our series, the theme is ‘Stepping Stones’. David reads for the final time, the word given to us by Mike Bollinger last October. David then tells us what to expect over the coming weeks as we enter our summer holiday period.

His reading today is from Luke 5:4-11. We hear how after a long hard night of fishing and catching nothing, Jesus tells the fisherman to go out again and cast their nets into deep water. They were reluctant (and probably thought they knew best!) but were obedient to Him…..They had an abundant catch! Jesus intentionally put himself in Simon Peter’s boat. David encourages us to do the same and to carry out an intentional act of witness. David gives us some examples of what we can do.

We will face reluctance and barriers, but by taking that first step, we will open up doors for people to come to us, when they are ready. When people see Jesus, there will be repentance.  We will have to be prepared though, as there could also be fear! To help us understand the stages someone will go through in their Christian walk, David shows us the Engel Scale (Click on the link to see)

I hope that for you, this series has been as interesting as it has for me. We have been given examples and challenges so the we can all be ‘Fishers of Men’ (and women!)



Sheep Fishing – Part Nine

3rd July 2016 | David Bareham

David follows on from where Deb left off last week, where she focused on ‘Our Story’. Today, he reads from Acts 2 where we hear about ‘God’s Story’

At the time of this recording, our country (the UK) is in turmoil. We have voted to leave the European Union and our government is changing drastically. David reminds us that God is in control and he has given us the Good News of the gospel, and that we have the hope in Jesus. We have the comfort in knowing that whatever this world may throw at us, we are part of the Kingdom….His Kingdom!

This passage that David brings us contains such a powerful message of what Jesus did for us.

Before he closes, David brings us a foretaste of our new training that is starting in October, entitled ‘Following and Fishing’….Exciting stuff!


Sheep Fishing – Part Eight

26th June 2016 | Deborah Hendrey

After a long time away from the stage, we welcome back Deb today as she brings the next part of our ‘Sheep Fishing’ series. Her theme is ‘Storytelling…Your Story’. Deb puts a slightly different take on the usual way our sermons are presented as today is a very special day. You will hear her say that we have seven….yes, seven people being baptised. But as proceedings got underway, we had an eighth person decide to come forward!

Deb reads from John 4:1-42. The famous story of the Samaritan woman at the well, but rather than hear about Jesus’ involvement, we see how this woman told HER story and the people listened. To help emphasize how powerful our stories can be and how they can influence others, Deb reads out a letter from one of our congregation and we also hear from two members that are with us today.

She finishes by giving us a practical way in which we can share our story and pray for others.

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