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Romans – Together on a Mission

7th July 2013 | Joachim Adenusi

Joachim’s message today is a lesson on being together as one within the church. We have to be united as one because if there is ANY division, the enemy will find that crack and work his way in! We as people can upset one another in an instant, but to maintain peace….that can take a lifetime! We have to learn to forgive because we will get offended and there is no point in moving from church to church looking for the ‘perfect’ one, as they are all populated by humans and there will always be trouble!
If you’re truly in CCCH, we need your heart – only then, can we move forward – ‘Together on a Mission’


romans : strong in grace

23rd June 2013 | Leon Ringlemann

To help set the scene for today’s message, Leon asks us to discuss with our neighbour, our favourite food and our favourite restaurant. He then opens by talking about how important it was not to eat unclean food under the old covenant. There was great conflict at the time as the Jews were to devote their whole lives to following God and not to get distracted by worrying about what food they should or shouldn’t eat. We then hear how under the new covenant we live under a totally new set of ‘rules’ where we don’t live under the law, but we live by faith.


gospel of romans : engenders good relationships

9th June 2013 | David Bareham

To set the scene for today’s message, David had us leave the hall and go and take refreshments outside in the lobby. We were told to talk to someone that we didn’t know and find out a little bit about them. This then led us into David’s word for today.
The message was broken down into five main sections but the driving theme through it all was that God tells us to ‘Love One Another’….We are to be sincere in that love, to pray for one another and not to gossip. We are given lots of scriptures from Romans 12 and 13 which help us to create and maintain those good relationships with our fellow Christians and people from the secular world.
As much as we are encouraged with a list of things ‘To Do’ to help build a good relationship, we also hear a list of ‘Do Not’s’….Things we should not do to jeopardise those relationships we have created.
We are reminded of the fact that the Kingdom of God is still to come….Jesus is coming again!! Amen!!


Gospel of Romans – Gods Unsearchable Truth

7th June 2013 |

This Week Leon continues our series in Romans and speaks on Romans 11 – God’s Unsearchable Truth


Gospel of Romans:Compels me to Worship

2nd June 2013 | Joachim Adenusi

Joachim takes the opportunity today to summarise what we have been discussing in the last weeks during this series on Romans before leading us into his message today.
Following Christ isn’t just about coming to church on a Sunday and singing a few songs. We are to be a living sacrifice, we are to be passionate about Christ and we are encouraged not to conform to the ways of the world.
Jo uses an example of some dirty water in a glass and by emptying some and replacing it with clean water, the dirty water gradually becomes clear and we are able to see through it again. The clean water that he adds is representative of God’s word filling our minds with pure thoughts and flushing the dirty ones out and opening up our eyes to what God has in store for us.


gospel of romans: In Your Grasp

5th May 2013 | Deb Savill

Deb picks up where Alastair left off last week and looks at the question of ‘Why was Jesus offensive to the Jews and why people are still offended today?
He said and did lots of things that went against what the Jews thought was right and Deb discusses Jesus’ credibility and how He was viewed during his time on earth.
She makes the point that Jesus is King and as was said last week, He is the ultimate, sovereign Lord and is the most important thing in our lives. We hear how He is a patient God and will wait for us to come to him and give up those things in our lives that we don’t want to let go of.
Deb also shares a story that helps to emphasise the fact that we are here, on earth, to care for and to help others and to show compassion.

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