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Relational Mission Book – A Compass But No Map – 7 of 7

27th August 2017 | David Bareham

We are now at the end of this series and David brings us a very interesting message using a compass and a map to illustrate what he wants to teach us. He reads from Numbers 9:15-23 and Hebrews 12:1-3. Like last week, David uses some of our children in a couple of fun games which remind us of something that we have all played at some time and also how important it is to use a map correctly. These points link in very nicely later on with what he has to say.

During our lives, we will find that that we have been given different maps to follow. But eventually, we (as Christians) will all end up at the same destination. David makes a strong point at the end of today by warning our children and youth that they shouldn’t follow peer pressure to do what is “not right by Christ” as this could lead them down a very dangerous path!


Relational Mission Book – Starting New Families – 6 of 7

20th August 2017 | David Bareham

We are one week away from drawing this series to a close and today David teaches on a subject that I know is dear to his heart. I have been a part of this church from the beginning and have seen it grow over the years. Church planting is true to scripture and is just one way of spreading the Word of God.

David reads from Philippians 2:5-11 and we hear three key points with quotes from various sources to help us understand his message. We then hear from the children as to what their idea of church is. This is just another illustration of what church planting is and how we can go out and spread the Word.

I like David’s use of an acorn to help make a point…….but you’ll have to listen to the end for that!


Relational Mission Book – Church for a Broken World – 5 of 7

13th August 2017 | Tolu Falase

As we continue this series, we are reminded of the fact that we live in a broken world. The news and social media do not help as we are constantly bombarded with images of the troubles around the globe. We have to remember that almost from the beginning of time, it has been this way. The devil tempted Adam and Eve to commit the first sin! We have a daily struggle on our hands to try and do what is right by God.

Because we have the children with us in the message today, Tolu lightheartedly uses an analogy from the film “Kung Fu Panda” to show a comparison of how the devil has traits that are not worthy. Tolu uses a reading from Luke 15 to engage the children with two stories that help them to ask two questions when they receive information from any source.

We have been set a task on this planet, which is…..To Save One Life at a Time!


Realational Mission Book – The Prayers of Many – 4 of 7

6th August 2017 | Tope Olukemi

Today, Tope gives us just one verse of scripture from 2 Corinthians 1 :11, but from that we hear a very passionate message about how we should pray together as the body of Christ. He says that prayer has to be the primary thing that we must do as a church. This is the only way that we can achieve the things that God has tasked us to do. When we gather together and pray…..things will happen. This is shown many times in Acts.

The more we pray, the more we get to know God and the more we will see His promises come to pass. Tope shows us that God is known by many names. Names that reveal to us how glorious and mighty He is. This should, and WILL change the way that we pray.


Relational Mission Book – Everyone a Witness – 3 of 7

23rd July 2017 | David Bareham

David brings us a passionate, heartfelt message today and starts by asking all of us the question “Who or how many people have we spoken to about Jesus this week?” Two of the congregation, Andre and Christine, share their stories.

He reads from Acts 1:8 and then David reminds us of the example he used last week inspired by the reading from Mark 1:17. His teaching today is covered by six key points and we are given a stark reminder of what the consequences are of sharing the word here in the UK and abroad in other countries!

We are also reminded that we must be careful not to alienate ourselves from the secular world by just mixing with our Christian friends. It is very easy to stay in our comfort zone, but that is not what Jesus taught. David gives us some good tips on how to “lead” a conversation whereby we are given the opportunity to witness. We must have intentional conversation.


Relational Mission Book – Raising Sons and Daughters – 2 of 7

16th July 2017 | David Bareham

David brings us part two of the new series today and his reading is just one verse, 2 Timothy 2:2. Although the title of today’s message is “Raising Sons and Daughters”, David uses the keyword “Discipleship” throughout today. He goes on to give us two examples (one funny and one serious) of what it means to be a disciple. Once we have that concept in our minds, he encourages us tell others.

David gives us a reminder of the vision of Terry Virgo from the New Frontiers church and how he released 15 “sons” to go out there and continue his work. That is mirroring what Jesus told his disciples to do. We also hear many examples in scripture of this fact.

David closes by giving examples of how we can disciple our congregation. He asks three questions as to how we can implement this message in church and gives us some prayer points to consider.

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