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Meaning Of Marriage – Part one – The Secret of Marriage

26th January 2014 | David Bareham

David kicks off a new series today looking at ‘Marriage’…..For this week and the next three, we will discuss four keys aspects of what it means to be married and how marriage is viewed by the church. There is no doubt that currently a lot of marriages are under attack and David gives us some startling statistics to back up that statement! David quotes from Genesis 1 where God says that after creating the heavens and the earth He looked down on Adam and said ‘It is not good for man to be alone’….From that moment on, man was meant to be in a relationship. David’s message dispels some of the fairy tale ideals that are ‘rammed’ down our throats by the media and glossy magazines. We have to find and look for what is good in a person rather than wait for ‘Mr or Mrs Right’ If we are going through tough times, look upon God and work at sorting out the problems. We are all sinners, married to sinners, in a fallen world and God will make something broken, whole again. We have to pray for each other and pray as a couple……..

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