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Life in the Spirit – Part Four – 2 of 3

23rd April 2017 | Deborah Hendrey

We have a change today as Deb brings us the message. We are back into the “Life in the Spirit” series after having our Easter sermons. She continues where Tolu left off looking at “The Fruits of the Spirit” (There is a slight interference on the audio for the first few minutes of this recording for which we apologise)

Today, Deb teaches us about Patience, Kindness and Goodness. She starts by reading from Galatians 5:16-25 and then emphasises how patient God was/is with us. He is waiting for ALL of humanity to be saved! As Deb talks about the three fruits she probably touches on some “home truths” that at some point in our lives, we have all felt. Particularly…..How to deal with difficult people!

If we try harder to “Live in the Spirit” we will be given all of these fruits. Deb asks “Are you in the flow of the Spirit?” and uses what I think is a brilliant analogy to help us understand. I have been in the situation she describes (in the water) many, many times, so can totally relate to that.


Life in the Spirit – Part Four – 1 of 3

2nd April 2017 | Tolu Falase

After the Youth Service last week, we get back into our series “Life in the Spirit”. Tolu opens up the “Fruit of the Spirit” today. Some of you may not have heard him speak before and I am going to suggest, if you have time, lay back and relax with headphones on if possible and listen to his “chocolaty smooth voice” as we hear the first of three parts.

He starts by recapping what we have heard so far then reads a couple of verses from Galatians. We learn why it is called the “Fruit of the Spirit” and he then looks more deeply into the first three fruits, “Love, Joy and Peace”.
While talking about love, he raises a point aimed at single persons. Love can come in various forms and Tolu shares how that love can be tested. He also says that parents and children can have similar problems. These two points are well worth taking note of!


Life in the Spirit – Part Three

12th March 2017 | Malcolm Sullivan

The subtitle for today’s message is “How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?”…..but before Malcolm starts, he shares a short testimony and an update about his and his wife Sandra’s work within church.

He reads from Acts 1:1-11 and we hear how the early church was persecuted because they preached that Jesus was coming again. Malcolm shares an interesting fact that there are more instances in scripture of His return than there are of Him coming the first time! Malcolm asks “What is your experience of the Holy Spirit like now, is it the same as when you first received it?”
He uses an analogy of a torch battery and how it’s power drains. If we live our lives getting topped up by the Holy Spirit daily, our energy will never run out!

Also, we mustn’t be scared of receiving the Holy Spirit because if we are given a gift or a ministry, it will only ever be what we can cope with. He may push the boundary a little, but we will always be capable. In closing, Malcolm gives us some tips on how to receive the Holy Spirit and we then hear a word from Andy and Femi, two members of our congregation.


Life in the Spirit – Part Two – 2 of 2

5th March 2017 | David Bareham

David carries on from where Tope left off last week with the second of the two part message subtitled “What does the Holy Spirit do?”

He starts by sharing a reading from the prayer meeting earlier this morning that encourages us to turn our lives around and to follow Jesus. We then hear a short word from a member of our congregation, Jonathan, that is relevant to what David teaches today.

He reads from Romans 8 and follows with five key points and looks at each one in turn in greater detail. One thing that stood out for me was the fact that although there are many church denominations, as long as Jesus is at the core and is seen as the saviour of the world, we are all one big family. We are not individuals. Yes, we may do things differently and wear different clothes etc. but as we heard last week, we are all part of the bigger family of God.

In his closing words, David emphasises how important it is for us to share the glory of being a follower and a friend of Jesus.


Life in the Spirit – Part Two – 1 of 2

26th February 2017 | Tope Olukemi

Tope continues with our new series looking at “Life in the Spirit” and his message today is the first of two parts. The subtitle today is “What does the Holy Spirit do?”

First and foremost, the Holy Spirit brings us a new life (as mentioned in John 3) He lives inside of us if we have accepted Jesus into our lives. We could ask the question “What impact does the Holy Spirit have if it lives inside of us?” But think about this….We have been adopted (taken from our old life) into the new family of God. What a privilege that is for us…..To be taken in by the creator of the universe! We are His “Sons and Daughters” How do we respond to this fact?

Tope gives us some interesting answers that some of us may not have thought of before.


Life in the Spirit – Part One

5th February 2017 | Malcolm Sullivan

Today we start a new series and it is subtitled “Who is the Holy Spirit – Part One”. Malcolm reads from John 14:15-31.

When Jesus knew that His time here on earth was done, He said that He would send another “comforter”. He was of course talking about the Holy Spirit. That allowed the presence of Jesus to be anywhere and everywhere without the limitations of a physical body.

Malcolm goes on to explain the “Godhead” and in some detail, we are reminded that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are fully one. To help explain his message Malcolm uses some other names that the Holy Spirit can be likened too. They are names attributed to the human form, which we can all relate too.

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