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God said “Go” – Jonah – Part Five

4th March 2018 | David Bareham

Today we listen to the fifth and final part of our mini series looking at Jonah which is entitled “The Breadth of God’s Love”. David reads Jonah 4 and then dissects the chapter and Jonah’s heart felt prayer, verse by verse to see why he may have been so angry. His words had just saved the entire city of Nineveh, but still…..he was not happy! Also in this reading, we see what God’s attitude toward Jonah was, because he (Jonah) had been judging the people of Nineveh.

David closes by reminding us of God’s great love but also that He will cast down judgement on those that sin!



25th February 2018 | Tolu Falase

Before reading from Jonah Chapter 3, Tolu gives us a quick recap of where we are so far and then we get into today’s messages entitled “The Power of God’s Word” – God had given Jonah the instruction to go to Nineveh so that the city could be saved. Tolu gives us a description of what that city was like and we can see the reason why Jonah may not have wanted to go! It wasn’t a very nice place and was full of sin. Tolu asks “What is our attitude to sin?” He says that if we had to pay the price of sin straight away, would our attitude be different?

God told Jonah that Nineveh would be destroyed in 40 days and he was to go and tell the people. But as we see, Jonah’s message was so powerful, that the people turned from their sinful ways straight away! From that point onward, they believed in God.


God said “Go” – Jonah – Part Three

11th February 2018 | Malcolm Sullivan

After a brief update on the other churches that we are involved in and a quick summary of where we are so far in this mini series looking at Jonah, Malcolm reads from Chapter 1:17 – 2:10. The title of today’s teaching is “Salvation Comes from the Lord”.

For those of us that have trouble comprehending parts of this story, Malcolm explains how and why we should believe that it is actually true! We see how Chapter Two is an integral part to the whole series of events. Jonah had got to a stage where he had defied God’s instruction, so God took action. Malcolm says “Don’t let our situation get so bad that God sends a ‘Big Fish’ for us!”

To continue the theme of God saying “Go”, Malcolm tells us about what happened with the Israelites when they were in Babylon when they refused to obey Him. Malcolm follows with three things we should be doing as Christians in a very powerful close to his message.


God said “Go” – Jonah – Part Two

4th February 2018 | Tope Olukemi

Tope starts with a short tongue in cheek explanation of the title, “The Prophetic Lasagne”, to today’s message. He then follows with a small summary of the book of Jonah before reading from Chapter 1:4-17. He gives his own dramatic version of the chain of events that lead to Jonah being thrown overboard. As soon as this was done, the storm calmed and the sailors and the ship were saved. Jonah was their salvation and this story is a foretelling of Jesus’ sacrifice, so that we may be saved.

One main point that Tope picks out from this text is that all through the storm, Jonah was in a deep sleep. Tope asks, “Are we like Jonah. A nation sleeping. Do we share God’s passion for the world?”

Tope closes with a look at how the layers of the “Prophetic Lasagne” apply to us.


God said “Go” – Jonah – Part One

28th January 2018 | David Bareham

After a break for Christmas we are now at the start of a new mini series looking at the story of Jonah. David reads from Jonah 1:1-3 and then takes a look at who Jonah was and we also find out what was happening during the time that he was alive. There are also other characters in this story and we will hear about them in the coming few weeks.

David asks “What is God saying to us in these first three verses from the book of Jonah and what instructions has God given us to do?”
God told Jonah to “Go” and He is telling us the same. We are to arise and go because He will take us from where we are to where He wants us to be.

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