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The “I AM” Series – Part Seven

19th November 2017 | Tolu Falase

Today we are on the last of the “I AM” series which is entitled “I AM the True Vine”. Tolu wraps up this series up by reading from John 15:1-17 and goes deeply into how much Jesus loves us. He is the vine and we are the fruit. But for the vine to bear good fruit it needs to be tended, fed and well watered. Jesus is all of that, but we have to be prepared to take up all that nourishment so that we don’t become “bad fruit”.

It has been said many times, but we must remember to glorify God by showing our relationship with our Father. The people out there that are “lost” must be able to witness the special relationship we have and that it is possible for them too.


The “I AM” Series – Part Six

12th November 2017 | Malcolm Sullivan

*** Many apologies, but due to a technical issue, last week’s recording cannot be published. If anybody would like the preachers notes, we have them available***

After a short break away (for which he explains) Malcolm is back and brings us the penultimate episode of this series called “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life” He then reads from John 13:33 – 14:8 and in the passage we hear that Jesus tells His disciples that He would only be with them a little longer. All of a sudden they must have been in a turmoil, as for three years, all of their needs and fears had been taken care of!

As a way of showing us how important it is to follow Jesus, Malcolm takes a light hearted look at the way estate agents “expand” the truth and how easily we can become to expect more than what is actually there for us. Jesus (obviously) is the total opposite. He doesn’t need to expand on anything and He offers the Way and the Life. What follows is some very interesting facts for us to consider and some of these are very thought provoking.


The “I AM” Series – Part Four

29th October 2017 | Tope Olukemi

After last week’s International Day, Tope continues our series which today is entitled “I AM The Good Shepherd”. He reads from John 10, starting at verse 1.

In this reading we hear that Jesus says “I am the good shepherd” and Tope tells us that when Jesus made these statements, there was no room for debate. They were either/or statements for the people hearing the words. They had to accept that He was or wasn’t fully God. Jesus even went further by saying that He was willing to die (on the cross) for His sheep (His people)…..That is such a powerful message and we have to think really hard about what He did for us. It wasn’t a trivial matter!

Tope finishes by asking us “How do we respond to the statement Jesus made”………We are to follow.


The “I AM” Series – Part Three

8th October 2017 | David Bareham

David continues with our series today with his message entitled “I AM the Gate for the Sheep”. He starts by giving us some interesting facts and statistics about the bible and then reads from John 10:1-10. As this passage mentions, the enemy is out there, waiting to pounce on us! We must be ready to repel the attack.

David uses the analogy of a sheep pen with many flocks and tells of how they are able to hear their own shepherd’s voice. They only listen for and respond too his. We must do the same and shut out those voices that may lead us astray………..We can only get to God through Jesus. He is the gate!


The “I AM” Series – Part Two

1st October 2017 | David Bareham

After a quick re-cap of last week, David introduces this week’s message entitled, “I AM The Light of the World” which is the second part of our new series. He breaks today’s teaching down into three main points.

If you have been a Christian for a while, you will know that Jesus was having a very tough time convincing the Jewish leaders of who He was. At the time, there was plenty of evidence to say who He really was but all they wanted to do, was shut Him up or worse still…..kill Him!

For those of us that follow Jesus with all our hearts we have the privilege of also being the light of the world. People will see that we are different and that we lead different lives and as we have heard many times, we are to go out in the world and let that light shine and be “Fishers of Men”


The “I AM” Series – Part One

24th September 2017 | Tolu Falase

Tolu starts off our new series today which looks at the various ways in which Jesus used the term “I Am”. The subtitle for today is “I Am the Bread of Life”. We hear that Jesus asked His disciples “Who does man think I am?” and then Tolu reads various passages from John that shows Jesus’ response. There are three revelations that come out of today’s message, 1) A declaration and affirmation of who He is. – 2) The seal. – 3) A revelation of who He is.

It is a sad fact of the modern world that for some of us, the more we have, the more we want. We are never satisfied and whilst Tolu raises this issue, there is still hope. We are reminded that the “bread” in the title of this message, is the bread that satisfies. Jesus is the bread of life!

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