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Father’s Day – Good Gifts

18th June 2017 | David Bareham

David’s message today is in two halves and in the first, after the reading, we have a lighthearted look at the fathers and the children in the congregation as to what gifts they had received.

In the second half, David points out that Jesus said that “Even evil people can give good gifts”. That is because we live in a broken world and our relationships can become affected by this. We do not walk the ‘perfect walk’ like Jesus did. Moving on from that, David gives us six key points to think about so that we are able to become a good or the best father that we can be.

To close, he asks us to think about what good gifts God brings and then goes on a walkabout to hear people’s ideas…..with some great answers from the kids!


Focus Sunday – Gareth Davies

18th September 2016 | Gareth Davies

As today is one of our Focus Sundays, we have a guest speaker, Gareth Davies, from an organisation called ‘CARE’. Before starting his message, Gareth tells us about what ‘CARE’ are and what they do.

He then reads from Amos 2 and we are given more of an insight as to who Amos was and what he did. To help explain his message, Gareth shows us a map and tells us some of the political history in and around Israel and Judah at the time. He then breaks down the reading and shows us how it is relative to life today. The startling fact is that what we hear about in this passage, is still going on today.

Gareth reminds us that outside of our church walls, it is not hopeless “Out There”….we can help by getting involved and sharing our voice. We must not be scared…God will always be there to help us!

To find out more about his organisation, follow this link to their website CARE


Focus On: Marriage

15th September 2013 | Malcolm Sullivan


In this our first installment of our FocusOn Series, Malcolms shares with us about God’s blueprint for marriage.

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