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Advent 2016 – Part Two

11th December 2016 | David Bareham

David gives a passionate, heart felt message this morning as we continue our Advent series. The theme for today is “The Kingship of Jesus” and he reads from Isaiah 9.

For us as Christians the birth of Jesus has to be central to all that we are and we must recognise the fact that this event in our history was life changing. Before delving deeper into his message, David shares a news article he saw in the week which shows how much importance is placed upon “Santa Claus / Father Christmas” at this time of year. It is a sad fact that “Santa” has taken priority over the real meaning of Christmas…and that is Jesus!

We then go on a whistle stop tour of the Bible from Genesis in the Old Testament, to Luke in the New Testament and finishing up in Revelation. We hear of the prophecies foretelling the arrival of Jesus the King, the fulfilling of those prophecies and what is still yet to come.

He finishes by asking “What does all this mean for us?”….. and tells us some of the harsh realities of what is happening in the world today!




Advent 2016 – Part One

4th December 2016 | Malcolm Sullivan

Malcolm starts this short four week series in advent today and we learn about “Jesus – Human and Divine”

Before he begins though, he encourages us to look at and read some passages in scripture between now and Christmas. He feels that God will reveal things to us that we may not have noticed when we first read them.

He then goes on to show us the various possibilities that could of made Jesus the person that He was. But as we hear, there is one and only one way that He became Human and Divine. It is something that we have known all along but Malcolm digs deeper into it’s origins.

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