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If you need a plumber, where do you go? What about a window cleaner? Personal trainer? Accountant? Printer? Mechanic? Childminder?

Wouldn’t it be great if we covered all of these things within Community Church?

Surely it’s better to use someone from the congregation who you know you can trust rather than someone from the yellow pages? And the money that you would have spent going to a brother or sister in the church.

Please visit our Directory here.

We want to get a group of people together within Community Church who are committed to each other and the success of kingdom led business practice. We want to be able to produce not only a directory (on paper & on-line) of who does what within the church; but also a group who can support and advise each other, use each other’s contacts and ultimately help make businesses within our church a success.

The Business Network exists to: 

1. Support and provide networking opportunities for business owners in the church, where they can learn from each other and share best practice when it comes to running successful kingdom businesses.
2. Provide a business directory for the church for different products and services
3. Link businesses to people looking for employment and work experience

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So…if you run your own business, are involved in a business, know people who make decisions in business, basically if you want to be involved then please sign up!

If you want to include your business in the directory, please register your business details below.


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